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0007596opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2015-05-30 20:332015-06-01 10:27
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Summary0007596: Dormant particle system activates when a prim is edited or selected
DescriptionWhen a particle system is given a finite time to generate particles using PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE, after that time the particles should stop. In opensim (but not SL), the particles start up every time the server sends a prim update to the viewer. This means that selecting the object or editing any properties will start the particles again.

According to LSL wiki, they should only start again when the prim first comes into range of the viewer.
Steps To ReproducePlace the script below in a prim.
Click the prim and wait for the particles to end
Now right click to get the menu
Particles start up again
Additional Informationdefault
    touch_start(integer num)
            list particle_parameters = [
        PSYS_PART_START_SCALE, <0.5, 0.5, FALSE>,
        PSYS_PART_START_COLOR, <0.0,1.0,0.0>,
        PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA, (float)1.0,

        PSYS_SRC_BURST_PART_COUNT, (integer)1,
        PSYS_SRC_BURST_RATE, (float) 0.02,
        PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE, (float)1.5,
        PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE,(float) 2.0,// Stop After 2 Seconds

        PSYS_SRC_PATTERN, (integer)2,

        PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MIN, (float)0.5, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MAX, (float)0.5,
        PSYS_SRC_ACCEL, <0.0,0.0, 1.0 >,
        PSYS_PART_FLAGS, (integer)( 0

        llParticleSystem( particle_parameters );
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script Engine
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Luisillo_Contepomi (reporter)
2015-06-01 10:27

Confirmed in when close menu script start again

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