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0007578opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2015-05-17 19:152015-05-18 07:54
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Summary0007578: Feature Request ONLY - type in commands to set everythings permissions
DescriptionI am not sure where to put feature requests so i made one here
Adding ability to type in commands to set everythings permissions with one command such as

SetNextOwnerPermAll copy etc..
RegionLockAllAssets would cause everything to be instantly locked
would cause the server to set all the assets in the region to copy only and such etc. would be much more better then selecting the entire region of prims
these are features that builders often need for multiple assets
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melanie (administrator)
2015-05-18 07:54

There is more to permissions than meets the eye. On the surface, this is possible, but it has ramifications one needs to be aware of:

- It CAN set the permissions on all prims
- It CAN set the permissions on all prim inventory items EXCEPT prims
- It can NOT set the permissions on prims in the inventory of other prims
(The two above should be possible but are currently broken)
- It can NOT set permissions on the items contained in prims contained in inventories, at any depth
- It can NOT set permissions on, or include, used textures on the objects (important for exporting)

In short, it can be made to set permissions for rather simple builds, but anything of any complexity would still suffer from permissions losses.
I do see where this can be useful for builders still, but in effect permissions assignment would be more thorough if done by setting desired default permissions in the viewer or on the sim and/or setting permissions manually.

Nothing against having this in principle, I just want to point out the limited usefulness in some circumstances.

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2015-05-17 19:15 cuteulala New Issue
2015-05-18 03:13 aiaustin Summary Feature Request ONLY => Feature Request ONLY - type in commands to set everythings permissions
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