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0007327opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2014-09-19 06:492014-09-20 16:33
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Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
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Summary0007327: delete-region <name> and admin_delete_region does not completely remove a region
DescriptionWhen deleting a region from the console using the command:
delete-region <region name> the region data is not being completely removed from the database tables. Additionally the region.ini file in the regions folder is not being removed.

It appears the region scene is being removed from the simulator instance, and from database tables initially, but if the simulator is not shutdown or restarted the previously deleted data is again sent to the database(I'm using MySQL) Additionally, the region.ini file is not being deleted.

Using the remote admin command: admin_delete_region produces the same results.
Once either command is used, the scene will be removed (if you're in world, the region is removed), but if the simulator is not shutdown and then restarted, the region data reappears in the database tables.
Steps To ReproduceStart up opensim.. have at least 2 regions running in the simulator.. issue the delete-region command on one of the regions... check the db tables.. info will be gone.
Do not shutdown or restart the opensim instance.. periodically check the regions and regionsettings table... the data for that deleted region will reappear.
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Git Revision or version numberr25135 - dated 8/22/14
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
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butcharnold (reporter)
2014-09-20 06:35

This issue seems to at first work as it should, ie.. deletes the region from the scene, and actually does remove the region from the database tables, but if the simulator instance has not been shutdown or restarted, the database will be repopulated with the deleted regions info.
The region.ini file in the regions folder is never deleted.

This issue will not allow another region to be added once the tables are repopulated if choosing the same location as the old region as it thinks there is still a region there.

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