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0007118opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2014-04-17 13:592014-09-02 09:21
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Summary0007118: sending keystrokes or other simple messages to server
DescriptionIn order to easily interact with in-world environment, it would be interesting having the possibility to send keystrokes from a client to the server, for example enabling a sort of "keybard mode".
Mouse clicking (or equivalent shortcut keys) is very limited when users need to interact with more objects at the same time. For example, playing a virtual musical instrument or controlling a control panel in-world, where more objects might need to be clicked at the same time, could be achieved mapping keystrokes to in-world events.
Of course this can be done through http, building an app ad-hoc that connects with an object using a connection url, but I think a direct way to send keystrokes or codes in general would simplify the process.
I may be unaware of techniques already existing, though.
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Physics EngineBasicPhysics
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EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono Version2.10
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melanie (administrator)
2014-04-17 15:02

This requires viewers to support it, so it's not feasible until such time as a viewer developer agrees to implement it. There is no overriding technical reason to not allow it.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-04-17 15:42

Enabling the possibility on server side may be the first step. Once the server is receiving and handling the new packets, it would be possible to make a simple client that just does send the keystrokes, or add this feature to one viewer - actually pretty simple to implement.
Being a project with several forks, and several viewers, there is no other way to implement new features involving server and client at the same time, if not just enabling the feature on the server and then implementing the add-on for the client.
melanie (administrator)
2014-04-17 15:43

Note that I didn't say "implements it" but "agrees to implement it". Viewer and server place different requirements on protocols and unless a viewer and a server developer cooperate, the endeavor is not likely to be a success.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-04-18 02:20

what's the solution, then? designing a protocol, contacting a client development team - i.e. firestorm - to enable a kb mode , and implementing a module or patching the server and proposing all the package all together? or? Note that the addition I'm proposing is extremely simple in terms of implementation on the client side. Then, for an efficient implementation, the new event types (keypress and keyreleased) must be either integrated in some way with existing event, like "changed", or a new event, like "key".
A simpler solution can be not changing the server at all, letting the client use existing function. for example, each keystroke can generate a specific sequence of codes to send as chat in a channel, so we can use "listen", or a php page with some javascript can generate http_request events; these methods would be not very efficient on server side, though.
Any idea on how to fire in-world asynchronous events from outside using the existing opensim? what do you suggest?
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-09-02 09:21

I did it with a javascript webpage that sends command via http. it works but you need to initiate a connection, obtain a url, send commands via hhtp and use in-world http request functions to handle the events. Now I can manipulate object actions with keystrokes. It would be a nice feature to have this functionality native in the opensim server, anyway.

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