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0007068opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2014-03-19 22:492014-03-22 13:12
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Summary0007068: possibility to deny same-region teleport
DescriptionIt would be interesting adding the possibility, on server side, to deny a teleport request inside the same region, no matter where the teleport is initiated from and how.
This would encourage content creation in commercial/educational sims, forcing users to walk or run or using vehicles, like in real life - assuming that flying is denied as well.
This, most important thing, would give finally sense to roads, vehicles and transportation, if this would be the only way to move quicker. With free teleport any sim - no matter if SL or not - will allways be most likely a desert land because people just teleport from a to b. Real world would be like that too if teleport was possible.
Maybe there is already a way to deny teleport on server settings but if there is I didn't find in the module documentation. Closest setting I've found is max teleport distance (in regions), but what is needed is in-region deny. Being a C++ developer, I can try to add this functionality, not sure what's the procedure to access the source code and submit a proposal.
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melanie (administrator)
2014-03-20 09:40

Go to the estate dialog, unselect "Allow Direct Teleport". Go to the region, create a Telehub. Create and link one spawn point at the location where you want visitors from outside the sim to land. For each parcel, set "Teleport Routing" to "Blocked", except for the one containing the spawn point. There, set it to "Landing Point". Stand on the spawn point and click "Set" for the anding point. Done.
Now everyone trying an in-sim teleport will get "Cannot teleport closer to destination", unless the point he tries to TP to is closer to the spawn point than he is, in which case he will find himself at the spawn point, essentially having to start over.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-03-20 10:24

thanks. this resolves the problem just partially, though. if you are close to the telehub you can basically teleport anywhere in the region, even if you get the message "cannot teleport closer to the destination". only teleports toward the telehub redirect to telehub. A simple addition to the region module, like AllowInternalTP set to false would add this functionality easily and would be extremely easy to implement. Server could just check the variable and return false to any TP request.
melanie (administrator)
2014-03-20 11:51

If that is true and you're allowed to teleport away from the telehub despite "Enable Local Teleport" being turned off, then that is a bug that will need to be fixed. Once done, the method, which works fine on SL, will do what you want.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-03-20 13:21

yes, it's true. to reproduce just teleport with a non-allowed avatar, do a cpl of steps out of telehub, go to map and teleport to the other side of the region. you get the "cannot teleport closer to the destination" but the teleport actually takes place.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-03-20 22:24

I confirm that this is a bug in version 0.7.6. Disabling "Allow Direct Teleport" for the region, creating a telehub w/landpoint in a parcel, and blocking "teleport routing" in all other parcels doesn't prevent in-sim teleports. Should I open a new bug for this? Still, the suggested feature on server side should be implemented, it would be key for commercial/educational sims to give a reason to build roads and transportation vehicles not just as toys.
maurizio55 (reporter)
2014-03-22 13:12

Promoted from "feature" to "bug". check notes (0025494)(0025497) and (0025509)

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