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0006765opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2013-09-09 08:452014-01-09 12:24
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006765: Inventory transfers between avatars - various problems
DescriptionFor some time there have been problems with transfers of inventory items between avatars from different grids, and in some cases on the same grid.

1. Incoming items are set as no copy no transfer even if they had full permissions. And if the item is rezzed in world and taken back without any change of permission they come back in with full perm at that stage - but attachment location placement and info is lost. [This also occurs for avatars on the same grid, see note on 27-Sep-2013 below]

2. For a foreign avatar on another grid the inventory folders show as "(unavailable)" as anticipated. But on return to the home grid they continue to show "(Unavailable)". Though the folders can be accessed the "(Unavailable") label does not go until logout and relog in.

3. Drag and drop of a folder from one avatar to another HG visitor Is not allowed. The system report you cannot transfer a folder. yet normally folder drag and drops are possible for normal transfers, and are convenient to keep related items together for the receiver. Sending items one at a time scatters them about in various "type" specific folders.
Steps To ReproducePut a home avatar in a location.

Have inventory with full permissions and some HUD items and wearable attachments that are properly position set, make sure they are in My Suitcase for an avatar from another grid, and HG TP to the location on the home grid of the first avatar.

Do various drag and drop and other means of giving an item between the avatars.

Note incoming items that are received as no copy no transfer but mod is allowed.

Drop one of the no copy no transfer items in world, and it goes from inventory indicating that it is seen as no copy by the system. But then "Take" it back into inventory and it is full permission, as it should have been all along. But then if it was an attachment such as a HID item or avatar attachment try wearing it and it goes on left hand (default attachment position) indicating it lost its original attachment information. The items have to be reattached to the correct avatar place or HUD corner, and the fully adjusted, so all attachment information was lost.
Additional InformationI have tested this with full permission items between my own avatar on Openvue, OSGrid (our regions) and OSCC13 grid, all of which are on very recent 0.7.6 dev master versions.
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberr/23693
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBulletSim
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
ViewerFirestorm 4.2.2 OS
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aiaustin (developer)
2013-09-27 02:31

>>> 1. Incoming items are set as no copy no transfer even if they had full permissions. And if the item is rezzed in world and taken back without any change of permission they come back in with full perm at that stage - but attachment location placement and info is lost.

This specific problem occurs on simple inventory transfers between avatars on the SAME Grid (observed on r/23693 on openvue). The items are full permission for next owner at the giving avatar end. The receiver avatar sees them initially as no copy no transfer. If that item is rezzed in world it disappears from inventory indicating the system things it really is no copy. but if its "take"n back into inventory it come in then with the correct full permissions it was meant to have.

I also see this when I use a giver script in a vendor prim... all the items in the vendor are full permission. The basic clothing items and body parts come over as full perm, but the objects (attachments) in the vendor come in as no copy no transfer until rezzed once and taken back into inventory to correct the error.
aiaustin (developer)
2013-09-27 02:32
edited on: 2013-09-27 02:32

Changed to a core issue, as its not only related to HG. Severity is major as it is very awkward for new users, and for those without any build permission to fix clothing folders given by vendors for example

orenh (administrator)
2013-10-04 02:30

The bug where attachment information is lost has been fixed -- see [^]
orenh (administrator)
2013-10-04 02:46

I checked if this bug exists on our grid, which uses OpenSim 0.7.4, and it doesn't. I only tested on a single grid; not HG. This might mean that the bug is a regression in OpenSim 0.7.6, so I'll check again once we upgrade to OpenSim 0.7.6.

This is how I tested: I gave two boxes from one avatar to another: a Copy-only box, and a Full-perms box. Both boxes were shown with the correct permissions in the receiver's inventory, and rezzing them and taking them back into the inventory didn't change the permissions. Tested both when the avatars are in the same sim, and in different sims.
aiaustin (developer)
2013-11-26 01:34
edited on: 2013-11-26 01:45

This bug is still present - as recently as 0.8.0 dev master r/24056 - and shows even for simple transfers of items between avatars on the same grid.

I still all the time get the problem that when items are passed between avatars (even on the same grid) or sometime obtained from giver boxes that the object/attachment type contents come across with no copy no mod no transfer often even when they should be full perm.

If the item is rezzed by the recipient ONCE in world it disappears from inventory indicating that the (Firestorm) viewer/system does really think its no copy, but then if its taken back into inventory it reappears with full perms as intended. Its a bit of a problem having to rez every item transferred for every user to get the perms correct. This does NOT happen for normal body parts or wearables which come over with the correct permissions.

orenh (administrator)
2014-01-07 01:33

Ai Austin, I submitted several fixes to the permissions system in [^] . This might fix the problems you're seeing.
aiaustin (developer)
2014-01-09 08:51

In the MySQL Editor for our grid data base for items in inventory I see a range of different permission flag numbers and wonder if these are the route of some problems, perhaps introduced as we often build regions in a standalone (e.g. in Sim on a Stick) and then transfer items to the live grid via IAR/OAR.

If an item is meant to have "All" permissions including for next owner and to allow HG transfer of the item, what value is MEANT to be on


I see a range of different numbers.. these 4 being most often occurring...


And oddly I get different ones somtimes on prim items in a folder compared to the standard wearables, even though they all are meant to have "All" permissions allowed.

I can see the flag values in LibOpenMetaverse.. and note that export is explicit and not included in the "All" flag... which might be a root of some issues? [^]
Nicky Perian (reporter)
2014-01-09 09:23

I experienced an issue where default pants and shirt where placed no copy in the Body Parts folder.
Went through several removes for pants and shirt and got them off the avatar and then was able to delete them from the body parts folder.

( I have been using a test viewer that is designed for an upcoming AIS test in secondlife and it may have caused this issue. )
Mata Hari (reporter)
2014-01-09 12:24

It also appears that sending items via HG-chat between 2 avi who are friends causes permissions to change. I placed a number of objects in a box, ensuring that all of them were full perm (as well as the box), then used chat to send this box from my own grid's avi to my OSG avi. The box arrived as no copy, no transfer as did all of its contents. This was using the latest r/24172 on my own sim, and OSgrid OpenSim v0.8.0.32e9c16 Release on the destination region that my OSG avi was standing in (though since I assume this is all asset transfer, it would be OSG's current grid-wide asset service that would be more relevant).

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