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0006761opensim[GRID] Inventory Servicepublic2013-09-07 09:512013-09-07 09:51
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Summary0006761: 'Stamp' boolean on MoveInventoryFolder and MoveInventoryItem ignored.
DescriptionThe 'creation date' time stamp on inventory folder and items can only be set upon creation (set to the current time), while the original Linden Lab protocol allows this time stamp to reset to the current time at the moment a folder or item is moved to another folder.

The respective viewer->server messages, [^] and [^]
have a 'Stamp' BOOLean in the AgentData block with the
meaning to restamp the moved item when TRUE.

Upon asking, Oz Linden verified this was the intended behavior.
I also tested it extensively on Second Life, and this time stamp
is indeed updated when the Stamp boolean is set to TRUE (and not
when it is FALSE).
Steps To ReproduceUsing the Singularity Viewer (I did not test it with other viewers),
you can keep track of this time stamp by right-clicking an item
in the inventory and clicking on 'Properties'. This pops up a floater
with the Name and Description, and shows a date-time after the 'Acquired:'

While keeping this floater open, right click on the item and select 'Delete'.
The effect of that is that a MoveInventoryItem message is sent to the
server to move the item the Trash folder that has the Stamp boolean set
to TRUE. In Second Life, you will observe that the 'Acquired' date is reset
to the current time. In opensim it is not updated.
Right clicking in the item in the Trash and selecting 'Restore' will send
a MoveInventoryItem message to the server to move the item to its default
folder (depending on its asset type) with the Stamp boolean set to FALSE.
In this case observe that the time stamp is not changed, also not in SL.
Additional InformationI investigated if this could be fixed, but it seems quite involved.
The stamp boolean can be read in LLClientView.cs as follows: [^]
but from there on that 'restamp' boolean would have to be passed on
to the MoveInventoryItem handlers all of which in various ways completely
ignore everything except the item or folder ID and in many (all?) cases
don't even allow to change update/reset the date at all...
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