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0006756opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2013-09-04 02:092013-09-04 02:28
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Summary0006756: TP between grids can temporarily locate avatar at -460565/-460549/22
DescriptionWhen TPing from Openvue (on very recent r/23570) to OSCC13 grid for two different avatars I tried I got identical arrival issues... with the avatar can temporarily being located -460565/-460549/22

I arrived at the correct x/y/z initially and briefly see people around me, but then after a few seconds the avatar went to -460565,-460549,22 and was in blue sky and frigging about. A redirection arrow appeared indicating the viewer knew where I was supposed to be aiming. And then after a few more seconds my avatars did appear at the original location again.

Images of -X/-Y issue showing in location bar attached. These taken at OSCC13 load test on 3-Sep-2013 with TP from Openvue grid to OSCC13 keynote 1 region.

Additional InformationNotes..

Source region was Openvue grid "Openvue" region 128/127/22. X and Y difference is 1. Teleport done via lookup of " [^] keynote 1" in map tool on Openvue. Firestorm 4.4.2 OS viewer.

There is 16 difference between -46K figures for the X and the Y on arrival. The Z=22 is what the avatar was at in the source region.
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Git Revision or version numberr/23570
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
ViewerFirestorm 4.4.2 OS
Attached Filesjpg file icon arrival-at-minus46k-46k.jpg [^] (133,740 bytes) 2013-09-04 02:16

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2013-09-04 02:09 aiaustin New Issue
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2013-09-04 02:15 aiaustin Summary TP between grids can temporarily locate avatar at -420565/-460549/22 => TP between grids can temporarily locate avatar at -460565/-460549/22
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2013-09-04 02:16 aiaustin File Added: arrival-at-minus46k-46k.jpg
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