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0006494opensim[GRID] Grid Servicepublic2013-01-07 15:572013-02-01 19:04
ReporterSylvia Sonoda 
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PlatformwindowsOSsee belowOS Versionsee below
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Summary0006494: Textures and sometimes objects dont seem to "stick" and cannot be found in the database (get lost)
DescriptionAs of october/november 2012 I receive a lot of complaints about white on mising textures on houses and cloths. Sometime whole prims are not available anymore in the database and at a trying to rezz or wear the meesage appears "Item not found in databse" Also giving to someone else becomes impossible "Nothing to give" message.
I have to add that I had not changed anything on my end when the fails started. It were all osgrid regions reporting this problem by different users.
I encountered the same problems but not all the time.
I started to setup my own robust grid as I thought the problems would not be adressed by osgrid. Unfortunattely I found out that my own ROBUST grid has the same issues. and here all sims are either on the same machine or on a different machine inside the same room (local network).
Steps To Reproduceupload a new texture and create a new clothing item.
wear the new item and in appreance add the new texture to the item.
copy the item and send the item to someone else not standing in the same region.
this second person then tries to wear the item.
Possible outcomes:
- It all works like it supposed to
- you get a mesasage when the first person sends the item:"nothing to give"
- At trying to wear it says: "item missing from database" even when it shows in your inventory.
- You can wear it but the texture never loads.

The test with rezzing of items which are gone or white the next day(after a relog) is harder as it happens way less often.
Additional InformationWe did the cloth test while standing in different versions in osgrid.
OSgrid 0.7.2 (Dev) 8caf3ed: 2011-09-24 , mysql 5.1.30, windows XP 32
OSgrid 0.7.4 (Dev) 0db60ee: 2012-05-20 , mysql 5.1.54, windows 7 64
OSgrid 0.7.5 (Dev) a9b9c0f: 2012-12-19 , mysql 5.1.54, , windows 7 64
OSgrid 0.7.5 (Dev) a9b9c0f: 2012-12-19 with Hiro configuration, mysql 5.1.54
We also did setup a new clean osgrid sim and only changed the appdomainloading to true and the http_listener port. The rest remained totally osgrid standard. so no mysql. ( windows 7 64

Only using the 0.7.2 version we did not get any fails. with all other versions and configurations mentioned here, fails happened 8 out 10 times.

We tested with Imprudance, CoolVLviewer, Firefox and Hippo 0.5.1 with no noticable changes. The two persons invloved in the tests both were at different loactions away from the server location.

The server machines (Xeon Proliant 2x4core, 32 gig ram) and internet capacity (fiber 100Mbit up/down) were at no point in any stress situation.
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Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
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tglion (reporter)
2013-01-08 02:57

I have observed similar Problems with editing clothes:

I can reproduce this every time by doing following steps:

1) Create new clothes for example new pants, or editing an existing one.
2) wear it
3) Modify it (set/change Texture and/or color)
4) save it
5) unwear it (i think this don't matter)
6) rename it to a new name (i think this produce the main issue)
7) logout/clean cache
8) relogin
9) The renamed name is gone and back to old name (first issue) The changes is not in the Database (robust)
10) try to wear it. --> You got now the message: item missing from database (or similar, depends on language of the viewer)
If you try to get the asset uuid you will get a ZERO_UUID. (second issue)

Similar Problems with ZERO_UUID in inventory db is with gestures too.

I used the Imprudence Viewer 1.3.1 and 1.4 for the tests.
Tested on osgrid and my own grid with last svn-trunc checkout

On Avination-Grid have only the issue on step 9)
justincc (administrator)
2013-02-01 19:04

The clothes issue should be fixed by git master 776cc33.

Texture loss on objects would be a different matter. AFAIR, in oct/nov 2012, osgrid was undergoing an asset database migration where service was disrupted for considerable periods, leading to the problems you describe.

However, I do not know why that would happen on your own robust grid unless you were suffering the same asset service problems. In git master 9822bb6 I made some changes so that the "fcache assets" command which tries to pre-fetch all assets for a region will now log missing assets, ignoring the often false positives from script/notecard scanning. You may want to try running this after an "fcache clear" command (to make sure you aren't picking up assets that are in your local cache).

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