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0006393opensim[GRID] Grid Servicepublic2012-11-01 09:522015-02-28 12:12
ReporterOlder1Smiling Bird 
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PlatformOSOS Version
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Summary0006393: When I am building, it crashes and I get kicked off of the grid. I have to "quit" the OpenSim.exe and restart in a new terminal
DescriptionWhen I am building after an hour or two the sim crashes and I am kicked out of the grid. I can not log in again with my region as a destination. To get in I use the "quit" command on the console terminal. The system does not do a full shutdown. I never get a console prompt for a new linux command. Have to kill the terminal and start a new one to execute OpenSim.exe. Then I can log in again.
But the object I was working with is gone.
Steps To Reproducerandom event
Additional InformationI anyone wants it I have saved a copy of the OpenSim.log
But it is 53,076kb so it wont transfer.
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberOsgrid 0.7.5 (dev) 36bfd36: 2012-10-23
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono VersionNone
Viewerfirestorm most current
Attached Filestxt file icon to big.txt [^] (16 bytes) 2012-11-01 09:52 [Show Content]
log file icon tailOpenSim.log [^] (263,632 bytes) 2012-11-03 03:06

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melanie (administrator)
2012-11-01 10:01

Please upload the last 2000 or so lines of the OpenSim.log.

Also, instead of opening a new terminal, please do this:

At the opensim prompt, type QUIT

Wait for it to hang.

Press CTRL-Z

type "kill -QUIT %1" and press enter

type "fg" and press enter

You will receive a long-ish dump. Capture this from your terminal buffer and also upload it.

To exit the process, press CTRL-Z again, then type "kill -9 %1" and press enter twice. No need for a new terminal.
Older1Smiling Bird (reporter)
2012-11-03 03:11

sent a tail of 2000 for OpeSim.log
lost the term buffer gut the last thins it said was problem with mono execution
running debian wheezy with mono complete latest update
TerrorBite (reporter)
2012-11-03 03:35

Here's a few of the many such items I'm seeing in your log:

Slow request 54958 POST [^] took 3004ms
POST [^] The request timed out
POST [^] Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)

Everything I'm seeing here is pointing to a communications failure between your sim and OSGrid's servers.

What sort of connection do you have? Is a firewall causing issues? This does not appear to be a bug with the OpenSim software itself (with the possible exception of the terminal hanging on shutdown).
Older1Smiling Bird (reporter)
2012-11-04 04:02

I was afraid of that. I have the fastest and most expensive internet connection available to non business subscribers from charter cable in northern Michigan.
There is no firewall on the debian server. I consider it an at risk machine in my home network. If the timeout and retries is not adjustable, then the occasional forced log out is just a "cost of doing business". No important data is lost and bulk of my work on the sim is not lost. The minor inconvenience is not worth the cost of going back to SL. Thank you for your help and attention. I know how hard it is to get enough time to spend on a hobby like this. May be some day the internet reliability will get better in northern Michigan. Until then please consider this call as closed.
justincc (administrator)
2012-11-05 14:30

At the moment, OSGrid asset service is undergoing a migration which is resulting in extremely slow responses at times. If this is the cause of your problem then the situation should resolve itself in a couple of weeks (which is when I'm told that this migration should be complete).

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