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0006391opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2012-10-31 04:472017-04-09 05:44
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PlatformPCOperating SystemWindowsOperating System VersionVista
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
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Summary0006391: Maptiles persist in old location after region move
DescriptionI note that if regions have been created and are subsequently relocated to a new xloc,yloc position (on OSGrid, but I assume its true of any grid) the maptile persists in the viewer map. The old map tiles are not cleared back to void/plain water.

If you click on the old xloc,yloc piosition in the map, it does correctly report that it is an "Invalid Location".

I am not sure if there is a way to explicitly tell OpenSim to flush the old xloc,yloc location map tiles... but there ought to be just one active map tile associated with any specific region UUID I would think, and any previous map tile should be deleted, or the xoc,yloc position made to look void again.
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Git Revision or version numberOSgrid 0.7.5 (Dev) 36bfd36: 2012-10-23
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
ViewerPheonix Firestorm 4.3.3
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jak.daniels (reporter)
2012-10-31 04:52

I think this is a grid issue, currently the grid will clear away regions and their map tiles after a period of time if the sim no longer reports to be there. How would Opensim know where its region had previously been located in order to tell the grid to remove it? The persistance of the region on the grid map is intentional, in case your sim is restarted alot you won't keep dropping on and off the map.
aiaustin (developer)
2012-10-31 05:19
edited on: 2012-10-31 05:19

Understood Jak, and that's perfectly good and sensible behaviour I agree.

I was talking about the case where a region (identifiable uniquely via its UUID) is brought back up at a new location rather than just going offline. It would be good behaviour if in that case the previous location map tile/data entries were deleted explicitly. That would also help when people are selecting locations for new regions and trying to avoid stepping on the toes of other region owners.

WhiteStar (reporter)
2012-10-31 08:53

I have observed this exact situation on my Standalones.

I had a separate region which I used for buildings storage. It was aside from a 9 region block (non-mega) as the 10th region. When I was finished using the region and no longer needed it, I removed it from the RegionConfig.ini and after restart, it was still mapped and visible... Being patient with things I left it figuring that eventually the maptile generation would run and clear it. It did not do so and that maptile remained. I went into the maptiles folder and deleted all the existing maptiles and brought OpenSim back up and it was gone, for a while, then a weird image appeared after a while... I had little time to further investigate or worry about it and needing another region back for script test, I put the builder region back and stopped worrying about it.

I did not use the console commands for "delete-region <region-name>" or "deregister region id <Region-uuid>" which likely would have done it properly, rather than just removing it from RegionConfig.ini Although I never had a problem previously with just pulling it out the INI file.

This originally occured in GIT: 4215877 R/20254
aiaustin (developer)
2012-10-31 09:07

Thanks for the note WhiteStar. I had checked the maptiles directory assuming my region maptiles were held in my local openSim.exe instance file directories, but they are not... it was empty. For OSGrid add on regions I think they must be held centrally so they can helpfully serve when regions are temporarily offline as Jak pointed out.

In my case we certainly do not want to do a delete region, as we want the regiion UUID to remain... we just nmove the xloc,yloc to be a couple of tiles away from another region in case we ever want to make the 4 regions involved into a megaregion.

deregister <region-name> is new to me. I will take a look at that. But I now have three map tiles showing for each of 4 regions, 12 in total, for which only 4 images are actually valid and at their correct xloc,yloc positions.
WhiteStar (reporter)
2012-10-31 14:06

@ AI

The default maptiles directory is immediately under the bin/maptiles.
I use Warp3D maptiles as I can't stand that blotchy ugly default maptiles.
On the StandAlone the maptiles are stored there with their respective zoom layers. As I recall with Grid Attached, it is also stored there and referenced from the grid via the identifier.

Here is a direct link to that on one of my SA regions which you can peek at: [^]

Hope it helps.
melanie (administrator)
2012-10-31 14:51

There are actually two sort-of issues:

The table entry in the regions table, and
The maptile itself.

Map tiles are stored in several places. The new (v3) map tiles are handled by the MapImage service in grids and are in maptiles/ in standalones.
They are also stored as assets (overwritable).

Then there is the regions table entry which tells maps to place the maptile in a location. This is cleared on orderly shutdown of a sim in grid mode. In standalones, the regions table is a memory table and poofs on exit.

In OSG, hard-killing sims has become the standard method of shutdown. It causes the regions table entry to remain so the location can't be taken by anyone else.

Those who wish to clear their regions table entry should shut down the sims in an orderly fashion with quit/shutdown.

It can also manually be cleared by the grid admin using SQL tools.
aiaustin (developer)
2012-10-31 15:33
edited on: 2012-10-31 15:34

In my case the regions are add on regions to OSGrid and not running as a a standalone which would be easy to tidy up of course. bin/maptiles is empty in this case. The regions involved have always been shut down with the OpenSim.exe shutdown command.

We always use Warp3D for map tiles on our own Openvue Grid and its now the default for maptiles for add on regions with the standard distribution from OSGrid.

The problem is that on OSGrid, and I assume any grid, even with orderly shutdown... if the regions are brought back up in a new xloc,yloc location then the old location continues to show the maptile rather than turning back into a void.

melanie (administrator)
2012-10-31 16:29

If you use the same name and UUID, that should move. If, of course, you rename, re-ID and move the region at the same time, this may not happen.

However, there are also caches involved so I would suggest giving it some time to propagate. Also, please be aware that the viewer map is heavily cached. You will NOT be able to see the fact that a region has moved in the viewer unless the cache on the region _from which you are observing_ is cleared.

So, if you are on sim X and move sim Y, you will not see that move reflected in your viewer until you log out and restart sim X, then log in again into either sim X or sim Y.
aiaustin (developer)
2012-11-01 01:43

Thanks Melanie. I was using the same region name and UUID on all cases. Only xloc,yloc had changed. The extra copies of the map tiles in the old xloc,yloc showed up on viewers on different computers even after the move.

I will though clear all the caches on each local Viewer when I get back to base, just to be sure that's not the issue. Maybe its just caching taking a long time to clear out especially on iOSGrid that is the problem if its meant to work when xloc,yloc is amended and all other region details are kept.
melanie (administrator)
2012-11-01 08:28

You still need to restart the region you're observing from. It has it's own cache, it's not the viewer cache I'm talking about but the map cache on the regions.
aiaustin (developer)
2012-11-09 08:53

Restarting the regions after clearing the region server asset caches completely and noting that the maptiles cache is empty with OSGrid add on region configuraton... I still see the old position maptiles showing in map views on OSGrid even after 2 weeks. I assume that OSGrid never clears its map tile cache and serves them until another region is added to the vacated spot?
Isis Ophelia (reporter)
2017-02-16 01:01

Somehow this report ended up discussing only Osgrid, while it started with a Standalone.

I got a Standalone using opensim 0.8.2 on a Windows 10 machine.
I moved a var 2x2 one tile higher. Now I see the var and below its shown still the old position. Besides that, when I start the standalone, the console reports:
09:36:45 - [SCENE]: Got notice about far away Region: Var 512x512 at (1280000, 1280768)
09:36:45 - [SCENE]: Got notice about far away Region: Var 512x512 at (1280000, 1280768)
09:36:45 - [SCENE]: Got notice about far away Region: Var 512x512 at (1280000, 1280768)

But this var is at
X 5000
Y 5003

When I moved the region, I did not change the UUID. Simply gave it a new position.
djphil (reporter)
2017-02-16 05:56

@Isis Ophelia: You can empty the bin/maptiles folder.

1280000/256 = 5000 (x)
1280768/256 = 5003 (y)
Isis Ophelia (reporter)
2017-02-16 07:41

djphil thank you, also for your quick response :)

It helped, thanks
Kazuko (reporter)
2017-04-09 05:44
edited on: 2017-04-09 05:47

I just was reading this Mantis regarding the Map
I too on my grid have this problem on all my servers.
I restart all servers each week and the Maps are not clearing moved Regions.
I also have tried the Generate map console command and this doesnt help
I am using 0.9.0-rc2 on Ubuntu

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