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0006259opensim[REGION] Scripting Enginepublic2012-08-30 08:012012-08-31 02:01
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Summary0006259: Making GetLinkParts accessible to region modules
DescriptionTo avoid duplicating code, it would be handy for region modules to have access to the LSL_Api method "GetLinkParts". 0006236 achieves this by moving it onto SceneObjectPart, but the changes are a pita to merge/rebase with.

By making LSL_Api.GetLinkParts(SceneObjectPart part, int linkType) method public & static, region modules can more easily access the method.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a region module
2) Add a reference to OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.Shared.Api;
3) Create a function to use with m_scriptModuleComms.RegisterScriptInvocation

SceneObjectPart hostPart = m_scene.GetSceneObjectPart(host);
List<SceneObjectPart> children = LSL_Api.GetLinkParts(hostPart, ScriptBaseClass.LINK_ALL_CHILDREN);
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Run ModeStandalone (1 Region) , Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
Attached Filespatch file icon GetLinkParts-for-region-modules.patch [^] (1,166 bytes) 2012-08-30 08:01 [Show Content]

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related to 0006236closedmelanie move GetLinkParts from LSL_Api.cs to SceneObjectPart.cs 

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melanie (administrator)
2012-08-30 08:03

Much better. +1
SignpostMarv (reporter)
2012-08-30 08:05

I was driven do this after attempting several times to `git rebase upstream/master dev-ccir` and ballsing it up, as well as recalling your comments regarding the nature of OpenSim as an upstream project.
justincc (administrator)
2012-08-30 17:28

Applied as git master 3019bea, thanks SignpostMarv.

I will observe that there are a bunch of other methods in LSL_Api.cs that may be better and more consistently available as public static (e.g. GetTexture, RotateTexture, etc.) but I haven't looked closely and it may be better (if more inconsistent) to consider these on a case by case basis.

I'll also say that it may be better to extract such functions to a separate static LSLUtil.cs or similar in OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine.Shared.Api, and leave LSL_Api to directly implement LL methods rather than also mixing in statics that can be reused by other callers. However, there may be different opinions on this.
SignpostMarv (reporter)
2012-08-31 02:01

I would be of the opinion that anything that could be used by OSSL_Api.cs or region modules to avoid duplicating code should be at least public static. If many of these methods are not specific to a LL implementation (e.g. an implementation of a feature-not-a-bug quirk), then leaving it inside the LL-specific class would feel a bit icky.

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