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0005764opensim[GRID] Grid Servicepublic2011-10-30 14:442011-12-17 04:05
Reporterargus Portal 
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PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005764: Suggestion for locked regions
DescriptionCurrently the users viewer, who tries to tp to an locked region, crashes (terminates). This is relatively "unkind". I think, it's better to handle this like SecondLife: Either, you get directly an specific information at the beginning of the tp, or you will be sent back to the old place after the tp is initialized.
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Git Revision or version number8caf3ed49ec3403843e25db018cc9db63e2ca643
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
Attached Fileslog file icon origin.log [^] (14,736 bytes) 2011-12-16 13:40
log file icon destination.log [^] (15,031 bytes) 2011-12-16 13:40

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parent of 0005822closedadministrator Setting group only in Land Details will crash other users clients. 

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argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-15 08:01

Sometimes it works (You get a message, before tp starts). But most of the time you are logged out or you stuck at the sim-border, after the tp happens although the destination is not open.
Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 01:20

Not sure, but i think that on SL are crashed/improperly unregistered regions simply rare. The region is either ON or doesn't exist on the grid any longer.

Therefore the viewers don't count with that much. I wonder if there is a way how to pre-check in the region before TP and if doing would not make the teleports much slower or crashing viewers. The TP is very sensitive process and a lot of things must be done in time fashion...
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 08:10

The Function, to check the Destination before TP is already there, i think.

It's just buggy.

As i said: Sometimes it works. A Region is not open for you, you try to tp there and you get a message: "No access to Destination". The tp doesn't occur. Same behaviour like SL.

But: If the tp is executed, it's too late. Then you have annoying problems.

The reason, why i choosed severity "feature" is, that at the time i wrote it, all tps crashed the viewer. And now i see, that sometimes the system react correct.

-> Maybe an Admin can change the severity ?
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 08:16

Addition: Bo Iwu: In SL your Viewer never crash by tp to non-existent or locked regions. You get ALWAYS a message and the tp is stopped at the very first beginning. The count of such regions is completely unimportant there.
Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 08:27

As i said it is very likely because on SL are NO crashed regions like on OSG.

It is another state. The regions there was simply properly de-registered from the grid.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-12-16 08:43

Could it possibly also be a viewer issue? I normaly always get "Destination refused..." or "Login currently dissabled" message using an imprudence viewer. My viewer nearly never crashed on TP
Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 08:59

Right, or "connection refused". Impru 1.4.0 rc1 had such trouble even if the sim was up. [^]
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:17
edited on: 2011-12-16 09:36

Michelle Argus: I don't believe so: With the same Viewer sometimes it works, most of the time it works not. And this happens to other people too. In my case: phoenix-Viewer, Firestorm (Releaseversion) and imprudence.

And this viewers works well in SL: Instead a crash you get always a message.

This seems to be an osgrid or opensim-issue.

Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:35

Um, yes this possibility is here too. But you need to understand that many simulators are on home hosted computers and not really monitored. They can be either behind many routers but also half-dead.

Normally while sim is down you should get "can't connect" dialog instead of viewer crash. If you think that OS is crashing viewers during TP you could try to collect Error logs and do a Mantis in that way.

About the pre-check. You need understand one thing. The devs can only modify sim code and not add into viewer code "check if i can TP there" call. They are restrained by the current calls...
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:42

Maybe i don't understand the mechanism of tp: I think, the tp-request goes to the osgrid-system. The whole initializing is osgrid-business. With the viewer you start this process: as example: you click on an landmark. This request goes then to the osgrid-system (main-server or whatever). And there the whole thing is handled. I can't believe, that this is viewer-business.
Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:49

It is as you said. But you need consider all the timeouts and the amount of work it has to cope with. For example it has to compress all your attachments etc etc..
Even if it would handle all in time fashion all teleports would slow down because of the extra check.

As i said. Normally it handles also sims whose are down and gives the "can't connect dialog. So you don't need to add new code but rather debug the TP.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:54

argus, can you manage to get a log both Regions, the region were you are comming from and the region were you are teleporting to?
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 09:58

The mainthing is: That tps are working properly like in SL.

On my Sim, that is open for public, every User, who tp there, get a message, "please don't cross the sim-borders, your viewer maybe crash, because the sims nearby are not open. In osgrid there is a problem with this".

I hope, that i can remove this someday.
argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 10:08

Michelle: No clue, where i can get logs, that contains all relevant informations.

But: This problem is well known. I am a little bit surprised, that this is valued here as a very rare issue.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-12-16 10:08

And what does your log say when you crash on TP to a dead region?

The only thing that just came to my mind, lately TPs to dead region do sometimes take much longer till the viewer gets informed, but it doesnt crash. This can take a minute or so while a crash would close the viewer automaticaly.
Bo Iwu (reporter)
2011-12-16 10:15
edited on: 2011-12-16 10:15

Argus, The teleports are pretty stable since 0.7.2 release. Thats why we wonder. If you would be able to collect bug logs and make Mantis it would be great.

argus Portal (reporter)
2011-12-16 10:25

Michelle: I talk about tps to locked regions (not free access). Often you tp there.

There is no delay. After tp you find yourself at the sim-border in "no-where-land". Or you find yourself for an moment under water. You can't move, you can't tp. And after a few seconds you are disconnected ("Crash").
smxy (reporter)
2011-12-16 11:05

My grid is a ROBUST grid, running the latest Dev code as of earlier this week. I set one of my regions to no public access and then logged in as an avatar that should be denied access to that region. When I tried to TP to the region, there was a long delay at the "Connection to region ..." screen, and after a while it canceled the TP, telling me that there was a problem connecting to the region. I was left in the originating region, still logged in.

Next, I TP'd to the region next to the closed region, and attempted to fly into the region. Just as I hit the border, I saw ban lines pop up and a message from the viewer saying that I couldn't enter due to access being denied (I paraphrase, as it popped up and disappeared in just a moment), and then I was immediately logged out/disconnected from the viewer.

The viewer is the 2010/10/23 1.4.0 Experimental version of Imprudence (I use it because it has working working media on the Mac).

I'll go see what logs there are for the failed crossing attempt.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-12-16 11:23

Ok, so we are talking about regions were public access is limited... I know from previous bugs on other issues that child agents basicaly pass through the exact same procedure were the acces is checked. These code lines do not differ between child and agents, and thus could affect a root agent on a neighbouring region, which it seems to do now...

So what needs to be looked at is everything that ends up in NewUserConnection in the Scene.cs. Best would be also add some details if the agent is beeing teleported to the neighbouring regions or if the agent is just a child agent etc etc...
smxy (reporter)
2011-12-16 13:39

I'm attaching logs of both ends of my attempt to cross into the region without public access. See origin.log and destination.log. Please ignore group-related XMLRPC issues - I think my PHP install has an issue, but it's NOT related to the issue we're discussing here.

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