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0005654opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2011-08-24 05:032012-01-19 14:27
ReporterBCM Parx 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005654: Region Permission
DescriptionIf you have 2 regions runing (Region A) and (Region B)
Now set Region A to non public
And Region B to public.
Reboot server, and Region A and Regiuon B are public Access.

Set Region A to public
and Region B to NON public
Reboot server and both region are NOn Public.

It allways takes the last changes and applies them to all regions.
The problem is when you have a couple regions with different settings
1) You need to remember which on are Public and which arent.
2) then after a server crash you have to go in and set all again to the proper settings.
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberN/A
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32
Mono Version1.2.4
ViewerImprudance, Emergency
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Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-09-29 09:35

Are Region A and B in the same estate?
BCM Parx (reporter)
2011-09-29 14:13

yep both or even all 20 in the same estate.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2011-09-30 07:56

ok, public belongs to the estate settings, which means, that all regions belonging to that estate have the same settings.

 When aplying changes inworld you either get "This Estate" and "All Estates". All estates means, that all estates owned by the estate owner will get the setings aplyed to.

After restarting all regions, all regions have the same estate settings, so thats working fine. The actual problem is, that the changes are only aplyed after a region restart to the other regions within the estate.

For you that means, you need to create more estates to allow diffrent estate settings for single regions
BCM Parx (reporter)
2011-09-30 09:12

yep figured that out, but in my openion, it should be per region or not, even in the display it says, region access public, non public etc.
slow putzo (reporter)
2012-01-18 21:00

If you look in "about land" on the "access" tab you will see the heading says "Access to this parcel".

Saying that public is associated with the estate is not even close to what the intended meaning of this tab is all about.

Access is stated as being down to the PARCEL level, not the estate level. To think that an estate with say 64 regions in it has to all have the same access level clearly is not what this tab suggests. If that is the case, then remove it from about land and move it to the estate settings.

My suggestion would be to fix the code to work like the original access settings are defined to be in the present GUI interface.

Here is what the Second Life wiki says about these settings:

Access To This Parcel

A group of settings that lets you manage who can access your parcel.

Allow Public Access

Check this box to allow any Resident other than those on your Banned Residents list to access your parcel.
 Uncheck to Restrict Access to Residents verified by:
Check to restrict access to Residents with Payment Information on File
 Check to restrict access to Residents who have completed Age Verification

Uncheck to limit access to only those Residents on your Allowed Residents list.

Allow Group Access

Restricts access to the group set on the About Land General tab. This option becomes available when public access is disabled.

Sell Passes to


Check to charge an admittance fee to your parcel and set the time period for which those passes are valid.

Allowed Residents


Use the Add button to open the Choose Resident window to add Residents who will always have access to your parcel. Select a Resident name from your Allowed Residents list and click Remove to remove them from the list.

Banned Residents


Use the Add button to open the Choose Resident window to add Residents who will not have access to your parcel. Select a Resident name from your Banned Residents list and click Remove to remove them from the list.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2012-01-19 00:35

slow, BCM Parx is talking about region access and not parcel access. Thise are 2 diffrent settings ;)
slow putzo (reporter)
2012-01-19 11:06

Humm, I see two kinds of settings. One is in the "estate" tab of "workd" and in the Imprudence viewer it is very clear these settings are for all estates and it never uses the word "region".

The other setting is in the "about land" on the "access" tab and it does not use the word "region" in it's description either.

Unless you have parcelled a region the entire region is a single parcel and is how I would restict access to an entire region. That function does not work either, but the problem with that function is that it does not prevent an avatar from entering the region, it only gives a warning box but still allows the avatar to enter the region.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2012-01-19 11:42
edited on: 2012-01-19 11:44

and if you look into the vieweres world tab,you will see that the "estate settings" are in the menu "Region/Estate". More commonly used is the term region settings instead of estate settings...

slow putzo (reporter)
2012-01-19 14:27

I do not disagree. The point I was trying to make is that there is no "Region" specific setting for access. There is a setting for an Estate, and for a Parcel, but not for a Region.

It is easy to think of the Estate as a region if you only have one estate with a single Region, and the same is true if you happen to have a Region which is only one Parcel.

The need to have a specific setting for a Region can be satisfied by using combinations of the other two settings if they both worked as they should which they don't.

The tab that says Region/Estate indicates that it contains both settings for the Region and the Estate. In fact it specifically has one tab listed as "Region" amd one listed as "Estate" and it is not intended to think they are one in the same. The other tabs contain settings that may apply to both the Region and the Estate.

Finding the proper setting for a function does get a bit confusing at times, but if they would work as the Wiki says they should work, at lease you could use the Wiki to find the function you need and make the appropriate settings you desire.

I admit I confused this bug report with the problem I am having and have opened a specific bug report describing that failure in detail. Hopefully it will not be confused with this problem.

As I understand this issue, the problem isn't that the setting is working wrong as intended, but that it does not take effect until a region restart.

The intended function of the last setting applying to all regions within the estate is correct because the setting is on the Estate tab and is not Region specific but rather Estate specific as I would expect it to be.

As best I can tell, the bug was reported because they were trying to have different setting based on Region, and were using the Estate settings to accomplish that. They found the glitch that you could set an individual Region because the Estate setting did not take effect until the next region restart.

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2011-08-24 05:03 BCM Parx Environment => Mono / Linux32
2011-08-24 05:03 BCM Parx Mono Version => 1.2.4
2011-08-24 05:03 BCM Parx Viewer => Imprudance, Emergency
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