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0005648opensim[GRID] Inventory Servicepublic2011-08-20 18:422015-02-28 16:35
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PlatformPC LaptopOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7 Ult.
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005648: OpenSim crash corrupted "Appearance Pics"
DescriptionI managed to unintentionally crash the OpenSim while using Phoenix Viewer in the "world" I created. (16 regions 4x4)

When I shutdown Phoenix and reactivated OpenSim, all of the pics that are used for generating views of your avatar for editing became what looked like random static or monochromatic lines, basically making avatar appearance editing impossible.
Steps To ReproduceClicking the [X] to quit OpenSim while Phoenix Viewer (PV) is still functioning, then quitting out of PV. Getting back into PV before setting up OpenSim, but only to set up 'where' to connect to, then running OpenSim.
Additional InformationAnother facet of this is that my avatar no longer appears in-game. There is no cloud, no appearance, and no avatar. (I followed the parameters for creating Hair, Skin, Eyes, and Shape as outlined in the wiki, and managed to get it working correctly-- before the horrible crash.)

Even a completely new installation of OpenSim did not fix this issue. Could this be something affecting my AppData folder in my primary user's profile on my computer? If so, how would this get resolved?
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberunknown
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Windows
Mono VersionNone
ViewerPhoenix Viewer
Attached Filespng file icon Snapshot_20AUG2011_2137_001.png [^] (495,827 bytes) 2011-08-20 18:42

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justincc (administrator)
2011-08-21 16:35

Have you tried clearing the viewer cache?
AryuLimitless (reporter)
2011-08-22 15:57

How do I "... clear the viewer cache"? I am new at this and am trying to incorporate OpenSim into a possible television project (possibly on the internet or picked up by a brick-and-mortar station).

Please help.
justincc (administrator)
2011-08-22 16:12

See [^] In other viewers it may be under Edit/Preferences.

As you're this unfamiliar with the OpenSim system, I would recommend that you leave a lot of time to complete the project - OpenSim is still under heavy development and you will likely encounter difficult bugs. In fact, you may want to check that you can get things working to your satisfaction before comitting to such a project.
Haplo (reporter)
2011-08-23 05:23

Hi Aryu - I would definitely checkout some places like [^] etc.

Even though you do not want to connect to a grid yet, there is a lot of great information there and people willing to answer questions and help you along. Mantis is more of a bug reporting system.

I am on those forums as Haplo Voss as well so shoot me a PM or something I'd be glad to help you get started. I remember the beginnings :)
AryuLimitless (reporter)
2011-08-23 20:41

@justincc: My project is not "committed" to just yet. It's still in the pre-alpha pre-production phase (if it can even be called that) and I'm still testing the virtual waters. LOL

@Haplo: I will take that into account. I understand that there's more to all of this, but I hope to comprehend more about what I can and cannot do in OS! I hope I can accomplish this and really make this work. It will truly be a testament to the perseverance, patience and trust that I have in this project and the people that I bring on to help. ^_^ Thanks.

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2011-08-20 18:42 AryuLimitless Run Mode => Standalone (Multiple Regions)
2011-08-20 18:42 AryuLimitless Physics Engine => BasicPhysics
2011-08-20 18:42 AryuLimitless Environment => Mono / Windows
2011-08-20 18:42 AryuLimitless Mono Version => None
2011-08-20 18:42 AryuLimitless Viewer => Phoenix Viewer
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