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0005534opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2011-06-08 04:262011-06-08 07:44
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Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
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Summary0005534: HG Friend established on a foreign grid when your avatar label does not show as name @grid gets very messy for other grid user
DescriptionFriendship with a foreign grid user on your local grid or while HG travelling can be established using a friend's avatar name label which is not qualified by the grid they are on. This causes a range of issues and mixed up communications.

For friends who have an avatar name on a foreign grid which happens to be same as a friend on the local grid, there is labelling confusion (as two seemingly identical friends are in your friends list) and in the system where some messages are delivered to BOTH if online, or shown in IM/chat history on next login (resulting in a privacy risk), etc.

The problem is that avatar names are unique on a single grid, but are not unique across grids. Anyone may have chosen the same name. A user may deliberately use the same name on mutiple grids and Test User avatars will often be identical across grids.

When your avatar moves to another grid it seems that there is a very long delay (of some minutes?) before your avatar label changes to the avatar @grid format. Might this be related. If an avatar was able to ALWAYS be labelled as avatar @grid when on a foreign grid, then friends made might be able to be labelled uniquely in friends lists, etc.

Additional InformationExample mixed up communications shown in attached image. Example is for avatar named Ai Austin on openvue and Ai Austin on (both running r/15669). A second unintended recipient local avatar with same name as a foreign grid friend receives repeats of some of the messages intended for a local user.
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Git Revision or version number0.7.2 dev
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
ViewerSL 2.6.8
Attached Filesjpg file icon local-and-remote-avatar-friends-with-same-name.jpg [^] (167,924 bytes) 2011-06-08 04:26

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duplicate of 0005536new "Unknown User" appears as creator and owner for a new prim just placed by a foreign user 

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2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin New Issue
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin File Added: local-and-remote-avatar-friends-with-same-name.jpg
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Git Revision => 0.7.2 dev
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin SVN Revision => 15669
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Run Mode => Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Physics Engine => ODE
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Environment => .NET / Windows32
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Mono Version => None
2011-06-08 04:26 aiaustin Viewer => SL 2.6.8
2011-06-08 07:43 aiaustin Description Updated
2011-06-08 07:43 aiaustin Additional Information Updated
2011-06-08 07:44 aiaustin Description Updated
2011-06-10 07:19 Diva Relationship added duplicate of 0005536

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