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0005530opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2011-06-07 06:382015-02-28 16:34
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005530: Map: Non Existing Regions are Shown as "(Offline)"
DescriptionOn the map non existing regions are shown as pink "(Offline)" map tiles instead of blue empty spaces. I experience this in OSGrid as well as on other hosted grids using the latest OpenSim trunk version.

This may be related to some region rezzing and teleporting issues.

Sometimes neighboring regions are not visible after logging in. Or they are visible, but the map shows these neighboring regions as "(Offline)".

Beside that I did experience strange teleporting problems in one grid. Teleporting using landmarks or the map works without any problems. But when a user teleports another user if fails, but only from one specific region to any other region. The error message is as if the destination region is down, so it is probably related to this online/offline bug.
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Git Revision or version number205b2f7ea4aacb66304d3e9a5c70c5001fdeda4d
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono Version2.10.2
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Diva (administrator)
2011-06-07 19:58

This is the correct behavior for HG sims.

This has always been like this for regions below 4096. It wasn't working before in OSGrid because of the 4096 bug. Now that I found the map effect of that bug, and the hack that OpenSim has for it, I was able to "correct" it to some extent.

We need to send Offline notices in order to reset the map between grids. Or else the map after a HG TP will still show the previous grid's regions. The offline shows as purple.

Since I gave up on trying to deal with cells above 4096, I can put it as it was before for OSgrid, if ppl want. Personally, I do not care about anything that happens above 4096.
Snoopy (administrator)
2011-06-08 03:42

All grids and most standalones I host have the center at 10000,10000. That is why I am interested in having the same behavior as before.

If HG is not affected, the map tiles should be blue as before.
Diva (administrator)
2011-06-08 08:15

HG is affected in that the map of the previous grid will not be reset. If the previous grid had regions in about the same coordinates the tiles will be there. but I'll gladly put the erroneous behavior back.
Snoopy (administrator)
2011-06-08 11:40

Thanks for the explanantion!

In that case it is better to leave it as it is for HG enabled standalone regions and grids. - It might be an idea to add an configuration file setting where people can choose that behavior, but it's probably better to have a consistent behavior on the whole worldwide HG.

Am I right, that non HG enabled standalones and grids still show blue map tiles for empty spots and that just HG enabled places are affected?
Diva (administrator)
2011-06-08 16:17

[16:14] <CIA-52> opensim: diva * r1bd712c541bb /OpenSim/Region/CoreModules/World/WorldMap/WorldMapModule.cs:
[16:14] <CIA-52> opensim: Reverting the [HG]MapModule to its buggy behavior above 4096. Ppl seem to prefer the color blue, and I have given up trying to make things work above 4096.
[16:14] <CIA-52> opensim: Revert "Improved reuse on the WorldMap/WorldMapModule.cs"
[16:14] <CIA-52> opensim: This reverts commit d473d9975e70366d0fd16276c9bafd5ec269dcd9.

Snoopy, it's a lost battle up there. The improvement that I had made resetted the map but only +/- 4 around where one is. The rest would still be confused. So it wasn't that much of an improvement. It's hopeless trying to make things work well above 4096.
Diva (administrator)
2011-06-08 16:40

[16:38] <CIA-52> opensim: diva * r2a46f756d673 /OpenSim/Region/CoreModules/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed a compilation problem. Also added a lengthy comment on the Map hack, so that it never goes unnoticed again.
aiaustin (developer)
2011-06-09 06:51
edited on: 2011-06-09 06:53

I see the reverse of the fixes to HGMap Diva... in SL Viewer 1.23.5 I see a stream of the "Don't Mantis This" - I know I am doign just that! - log entries in my OpenSim.exe console. I get one per region shown on a map as its filled in. Yet of course the avatar is not at that time trying to actually go to those regions.

One of these shows up for each region shown on map - so I see a few dozen I guess.

14:43:50 - [WORLD MAP]: Starting new remote request thread manually. This means
 that AvatarEnteringParcel never fired! This needs to be fixed! Don't Mantis t

There is a few errors like this too if they are helpful...

14:43:51 - [WATCHDOG]: Started tracking thread "MapItemRequestThread" (ID 645)
14:44:38 - [WORLD MAP]: exception on parse of RequestMapItems reply from http:// Unable to cast object of type 'O
penMetaverse.StructuredData.OSD' to type 'OpenMetaverse.StructuredData.OSDMap'.
14:45:22 - [WORLD MAP]: exception on parse of RequestMapItems reply from http:// Unable to cast object of type 'O
penMetaverse.StructuredData.OSD' to type 'OpenMetaverse.StructuredData.OSDMap'.
14:45:35 - [WORLD MAP]: Blacklisted [^]
14:45:35 - [WORLD MAP]: Blacklisted [^]
14:46:35 - [WORLD MAP]: Blacklisted [^]

Diva (administrator)
2011-06-09 06:59

Those messages are harmless and have nothing to do with this mantis.

The messages are there so that I don't forget to complete that part that is still to be done. If I remove the messages, I will forget.

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2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy New Issue
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2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy SVN Revision => 15659
2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy Run Mode => Grid (1 Region per Sim)
2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy Physics Engine => ODE
2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy Environment => Mono / Linux64
2011-06-07 06:38 Snoopy Mono Version => 2.10.2
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