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0005463opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2011-05-04 12:102015-02-28 12:10
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PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005463: Console displays error at some point, then loops permanently and crashes sim.
DescriptionFor unknown reason console will display the following error repeatedly in a loop until the sim crashes. Have not been able to determine what starts this issue.

13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: An error has occured while attempting to a
ccess the XmlRpcGroups server method groups.getAgentGroupMembership at http://gr [^]
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1,
 position 1. at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingAgentUserService ::
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingSessionID :: 00000000-0000-0000-
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingAgentID :: 00000000-0000-0000-00
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: AgentID :: e749c837-0927-b09f-33ea-7599751
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: WriteKey ::
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: ReadKey ::
13:34:29 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: GroupID :: a5a64071-08c9-4726-a68d-ed49134
13:36:56 - >>> DoDelete action:; RegionID:4413d220-072c-11e0-81e0-0800200c9a66
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberabea0c74c2b092d0474880a30433d9d0a2400aa8
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
ViewerImprudence 1.3.0/1.4.0
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justincc (administrator)
2011-05-20 12:44

This looks like an issue with the groups service that you are using. I'm guessing that it's not returning any data at all and naughtily the viewer keeps repeating the related request.
wbalazic (reporter)
2011-05-20 12:54

I'm using the OSgrid groups service. Is there something wrong with that service?

(group setup below):

    ;# {Enabled} {} {Enable groups?} {true false} false
    ;; Enables the groups module
    Enabled = true

    ;# {Module} {Enabled:true} {Groups module to use? (Use GroupsModule to use Flotsam/Simian)} {} Default
    ;; This is the current groups stub in Region.CoreModules.Avatar.Groups.
    ;; All the other settings below only really apply to the Flotsam/SimianGrid
    ;; GroupsModule.
    ;; This module can use a PHP XmlRpc server from the Flotsam project at
    ;; [^]
    ;; or from the SimianGrid project at [^]
    Module = GroupsModule

    ;; Service connectors to the Groups Service. Select one depending on
    ;; whether you're using a Flotsam XmlRpc backend or a SimianGrid backend
    ;# {ServicesConnectorModule} {Module:GroupsModule} {Service connector to use for groups?} {XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector SimianGroupsServicesConnector} XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector
    ;; The service connector to use for the GroupsModule
    ServicesConnectorModule = XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector

    ;# {GroupsServerURI} {Module:GroupsModule} {Groups Server URI?} {}
    ;; URI for the groups services
    GroupsServerURI = "" [^]

    ;# {NoticesEnabled} {Module:GroupsModule} {Enable group notices?} {true false} true
    ;; Enable Group Notices
    NoticesEnabled = true

    ;; This makes the Groups modules very chatty on the console.
    ; DebugEnabled = false

    ;; Specify which messaging module to use for groups messaging and if it's
    ;; enabled
    MessagingModule = GroupsMessagingModule
    MessagingEnabled = true

    ;; XmlRpc Security settings. These must match those set on your backend
    ;; groups service.
    ; XmlRpcServiceReadKey = 1234
    ; XmlRpcServiceWriteKey = 1234
justincc (administrator)
2011-05-20 12:57

Worth having a word with Nebadon, I think.
wbalazic (reporter)
2011-05-20 13:04

I agree.. have mentioned it to him in IRC before.. I was hoping someone might be able to poke someone with a stick and look into it.. :) Matter of fact, while I am writing this, it just took one of my simulators down..

15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: An error has occured while attempting to a
ccess the XmlRpcGroups server method groups.getAgentGroupMembership at http://gr [^]
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: The operation has timed out at System.Ne
t.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream(TransportContext& context)
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingAgentUserService ::
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingSessionID :: 00000000-0000-0000-
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: RequestingAgentID :: 00000000-0000-0000-00
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: AgentID :: ae1cd4f2-297f-64b9-62f9-64b6ab4
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: WriteKey ::
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: ReadKey ::
15:02:40 - [XMLRPC-GROUPS-CONNECTOR]: GroupID :: 0d435de8-d328-400a-890e-f949155
wbalazic (reporter)
2011-05-28 18:13

Is that the end of this issue then?
justincc (administrator)
2011-06-03 21:37

You mean it's fixed?
wbalazic (reporter)
2011-06-03 21:55

Not that I'm aware of, I'm asking is that it since nobody is looking at it.
nebadon (administrator)
2011-06-03 22:00

to be honest I do not think this problem is related to groups, i believe what is happening is a thread is locking and groups is unable to communicate anymore, this error message you are seeing is not the cause, its a result of something else bad happening, probably resources of some kind being exhausted, what exactly is causing it i am not sure, but i do not believe its groups that is the cause.
kenvc (reporter)
2011-06-03 22:05
edited on: 2011-06-03 22:07

The configuration listed is exactly the same as I have been using for months other than the order of the items, and the order shouldn't make any difference. Groups have been working as expected and I've never had the errors described in this Mantis.

Does the problem happen when a specific group is being accessed? If so, it appears the data for that group in the database has a problem.

wbalazic (reporter)
2011-06-04 07:28

Actually we figured out what "groups" cause this. Anyone from another grid that enters the sim causes this. So if a HG user enters the sim, this is the error on the console. We do not have HG active on these simulators.
kenvc (reporter)
2011-06-04 07:52

Ah maybe thats the difference then. I do have HG enabled on all 150+ sims of my sims.
nebadon (administrator)
2011-06-04 11:17

It must be something particular to your region then, because we do not see this on the plazas. I would think if it was something specifically with groups everyone would be seeing this.
wbalazic (reporter)
2011-06-04 12:52

I suggest you speak with Hiro Protagonist. He has seen it happen, and not only on my regions but those owned by Trex Blessed and Bo Iwu has also experienced it in his simulators. As for the plazas, the plaza's aren't running the version above, they are HG enabled which these are not, and they aren't running windows, so that's really not a good comparison.
nebadon (administrator)
2011-06-04 14:10

I suggest if Hiro has some extra info about this problem he add it to this mantis.
nebadon (administrator)
2011-06-09 14:11

I was able to trigger this by doing an inventory search with a cleared viewer cache on Wright Plaza, this pretty much shows what i said above was correct, groups is not actually the issue, the group spew is a result of a deadlock occuring in the simulator, it could very well be other things that cause similar deadlocking but i was able to recreate it by searching on inventory after cache clear, granted my inventory is around 40k items, but i suspect people with much less inventory could cause the same exact issue, inventory just flat out sucks.

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2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic SVN Revision => 0
2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic Run Mode => Grid (1 Region per Sim)
2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic Physics Engine => ODE
2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic Environment => .NET / Windows32
2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic Mono Version => None
2011-05-04 12:10 wbalazic Viewer => Imprudence 1.3.0/1.4.0
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