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0005386opensim[GRID] Hypergridpublic2011-02-15 16:562013-05-13 15:56
Assigned ToDiva 
PlatformOperating SystemOperating System Version
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Versionmaster (dev code) 
Summary0005386: Dev Master .7.1 rev 14968 TP home after HG session denied or crashing viewer, no rezz on HG inventory etc
DescriptionThere appears to be multiple issues regarding hypergrid teleports, but here is how to reproduce the teloport home after hypergrid session viewer crash issue:

1. Hypergrid from OSGrid to another grid.
2. Teleport back home to OSGrid
3. After arriving back home, a few things rezz at home location, then nothing else rezzes and avatar cannot move. Sometimes the viewer crash happens almost immediately and other times it takes several seconds. When the crash doesnt happen immediately, the avitar can turn around but it is unable to walk and nothing else rezzes other than the few things that rezzed right after arriving. Usually the avatar is visible, but somethimes it is not.
4. Any inventory obtained during the hypergrid session is normally lost when this happens upon next login. The item sometimes still shows in the inventory, but it will not rezz.
Additional InformationSee attached log files from the simulator instance I was teleporting to when the viewer crash happened. This issue has been going on since HG was re-enabled in .7.1 a while back. One the one or 2 occassions that the viewer did not crash (its very rare it doesn't crash), any inventory obtained during the hypergrid session will not rezz at all.

This issue does not normally happen when I Hypergrid from and then TP home to my private test grid.

TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version number14968
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
Attached Fileslog file icon UnAuthorized Caps Client Viewer Crash.log [^] (17,429 bytes) 2011-02-15 16:56
txt file icon HG Destination Refused.txt [^] (30,560 bytes) 2011-02-17 08:36 [Show Content]
txt file icon TP Home after HG Session Viewer crash.txt [^] (300,480 bytes) 2011-02-17 08:37
log file icon Robust Unauthorized Machine.log [^] (3,914 bytes) 2011-02-18 14:51
png file icon Typical View - Viewer Crash after HG TP Home.png [^] (1,502,385 bytes) 2011-02-22 18:59

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Diva (administrator)
2011-02-16 07:51

Note this:
2011-02-15 18:35:27,368 DEBUG - OpenSim.Services.Connectors.Hypergrid.UserAgentServiceConnector [USER AGENT CONNECTOR]: new connector to [^] ( [^])
2011-02-15 18:35:27,555 DEBUG - OpenSim.Region.Framework.Scenes.Scene [SCENE]: User Client Verification for Ken Savage in BoraBora_F5 returned false

Looks like OSGrid has something misconfigured
nebadon (administrator)
2011-02-16 07:55

we have not changed our robust .ini configurations in many months.
Diva (administrator)
2011-02-16 07:58

It's probably your proxy...
Diva (administrator)
2011-02-16 08:02

Yep. There's something wrong with the login proxy in OSGrid. It needs to send the real IP via XFF to the proper robust server. Here's what I get when I try to HG TP from my OSGrid account to my home world:

08:00:33 - [SCENE]: Adding new agent Diva.Canto to scene Kali Test 2
08:00:33 - [SCENE]: User Client Verification for Diva.Canto in Kali Test 2 returned false
nebadon (administrator)
2011-02-16 08:06

I am not experiencing any crash, but I can not teleport back into OSgrid once i HG out. as far as our proxy, I can not help with that topic.
Diva (administrator)
2011-02-16 08:19

[08:19] <CIA-41> opensim: diva * rfc84225038a4 /OpenSim/Framework/Servers/HttpServer/BaseHttpServer.cs: XFF capitalization strikes again -- this time in the XMLRPC method. mantis 0005386
kenvc (reporter)
2011-02-17 08:36

Dev Master rev 14941 As of today this issue is still present. I will attach another OS log.

In addition, the occurance of outbound "Destination Refused: Unable to verify identity" error occurs quite often when trying to HG into a region that has installed one of the recent OS revisions. I will attach a OS log shortly that covers this issue as well.

Bruce (reporter)
2011-02-17 14:32

Marck: None of the 12 HG regions setup in the script used for osTeleportAgent are working under r14941. Each attempt results in: "The region [uri:port/ RegionName] could not be found" (win2k3 32bit, .net, standalone, imprudence 1.3.0)
nebadon (administrator)
2011-02-17 18:47
edited on: 2011-02-17 18:48

Bruce, isn't the proper format [uri:port:RegionName] ? also i think your problem is a separate issue from this, so please start a new mantis if the format i specified does not work, thanks.

Bruce (reporter)
2011-02-17 21:46

Nebadon: The format I showed in my previous report [uri:port/ RegionName] is what the viewer is showing me under r14941 (e.g. "The region ' Lbsa Plaza' could not be found") because it uses what you can see when you type "show hyperlinks" in console. The format in the notecard used by the script for osTeleportAgent is as you said [uri:port:RegionName]. I will do a separate mantis in the next day or two, as per your request.
kenvc (reporter)
2011-02-18 14:51

Just tried newest git Master again today and still getting the same results when HG from my Opensim regions and then try to come home. Adn still destination refused when try to HG into Any HG region running a very recent Git Master.

Have not tested from my sims connected to my private grid in a few days, but when tested today the outgoing HG TP failed when trying to go to a region runing one of the new git master revisions and now it also fails with the "Destination Refused: Unable to verify identity" message. A Robust log file is attached from the grid I was leaving from via Hypergrid. It contains a message I dont recall ever seeing before: "HOME AGENT HANDLER: Unauthorized machine tried to set Client IP to See attached Robust log file.

In addition, the Robust log in the grid I am Hypergridding from displays "HOME AGENT HANDLER: Unauthorized machine tried to set client IP to" along with other info. That Robust log will be attached shortly.
This new HG teleport problem appears to be similar to: [^]

In summary the issue appears to have worsened over the last few revisions.
Bruce (reporter)
2011-02-19 07:53

Outbound HG from Lbsa Plaza and Wright Plaza nt working with r14941. Error message in simulator console: [LLUDPSERVER]: Connection request for client [client UUID] connecting with unnotified circuit code 2054212683 from I also tested with 9 non OSGrid HG regions and in each case outbound and inbound HG teleporting worked fine.
Bruce (reporter)
2011-02-19 08:02

Additional note: When in Wright Plaza or Lbsa Plaza, if I type "" in search in world map it will not find the region. If I type "" [^] it will find the region and allow me to outbound teleport to it.
kenvc (reporter)
2011-02-25 15:10

The problem I am having doesnt appear to have anything to do with the HG address.

It appears to be related to the newer OS versions having some type of problem during hypergrid in authenticating the avatar. I am using the latest git master and cannot hypergrid into a region using a very recent OS version. It displays an "Unable to Authenticate Avatar" message and the HG teleport fails. I also get this message sometimes during a hypergrid session if I try to buy something. When I try to return after a hypergrid session to OSGrid, the viewer usually crashes, and all hypergrid inventory obtained is eithr lost or will not rezz. The viewer crash when returning to home usually doesnt happen when I hypergrid from a sim connected tomy own Robust private grid.
Bruce (reporter)
2011-02-26 13:06
edited on: 2011-02-26 13:13

Confirming similar things happening when returning to home grid from HG regions which are NOT linked to OSGrid. Additionally to viewer crashes, when returning to home grid only the default region is shown in mini map and no regions at all in world map (5 out of 9 HG regions tested). Tested with r14960 and now with r14967 of 25 Feb 11. Last commit without so many errors appears to be r14941 of 17 Feb 11. [HOME AGENT HANDLER]: Unauthorized machine tried to set client ip to are more frequent than before.

kenvc (reporter)
2011-03-01 04:18

A new problem has arose in the last few weeks that causes verification of identity and TP to fail when hypergriding into a region running under a recent version of Robust. HG TP works OK when going into an area using an older version of Robust. The following error messages taken from a Robust log (most recent version of Robust as of todays date) confirms this issue:

2011-02-28 15:21:42,554 DEBUG - OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.UserAgentService [USER AGENT SERVICE]: Request to login user Ken Savage (@stored IP) to grid [^]
2011-02-28 15:21:42,569 DEBUG - OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.UserAgentService [USER AGENT SERVICE]: this grid:, [^] desired grid: [^]
2011-02-28 15:21:43,224 INFO - OpenSim.Framework.WebUtil [WEB UTIL]: osd request <1> (URI:, [^] METHOD:POST) took 655ms overall, 327ms writing
2011-02-28 15:21:43,240 DEBUG - OpenSim.Services.HypergridService.UserAgentService [USER AGENT SERVICE]: Unable to login user Ken Savage to grid, [^] reason: Unable to verify identity
kenvc (reporter)
2011-03-01 04:23

Have also seen frequent issues of my avatar TP back home after an HG session and the grid Robust preventing the TP back home because it says that it found a duplicate local Avatar UUID. Temporarily commenting out the code that checks for a duplicate UUID makes the HG TP back home work fine, but this appears to be only a bandaid to the real source of the issue.
Diva (administrator)
2011-03-01 09:14

@kenvc: are you sure your grid is [^] with capital 'P'?
kenvc (reporter)
2011-03-01 09:58

You mean capitalization of the web address makes it break? Surely not! lol

DynDNS updater has it displayed in all lower case. When it was originally created at DynDNS, I recall using upper case as the first character as I always do by habit, but captitalization in a web address has never made any difference in the past.
Diva (administrator)
2011-03-01 10:01

well, if you so sure, perhaps I don't know what I wrote in the OpenSim code, and you can take it from here. These names are used all over OpenSim, given by configuration variables. Several comparisons expect people to be consistent, which, of course, may be too much to expect.
aiaustin (developer)
2011-03-02 01:21

Marck made some changes to the syntax for osTeleport... and HG link calls at r/14940 and r/14941 on 2011-01-21. Could these have caused some issues? Or did Marck just add an alternative syntax so either works?
Ravendove Stormcloud (reporter)
2012-09-06 17:31

When I try to sign on today, I get this message, and it wont go any further::[ACCOUNT CONNECTOR]: GetUserAccount received null or empty reply
kenvc (reporter)
2012-12-06 17:51

This appears to be fixed now as far as I can tell.
Diva (administrator)
2012-12-06 20:30

resolved until it breaks again

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2011-02-15 16:56 kenvc Run Mode => Grid (1 Region per Sim)
2011-02-15 16:56 kenvc Physics Engine => ODE
2011-02-15 16:56 kenvc Environment => .NET / Windows64
2011-02-15 16:56 kenvc Mono Version => None
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2011-02-17 08:36 kenvc File Added: HG Destination Refused.txt
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2011-02-17 18:45 kenvc Summary Dev Master .7.1 rev 14941 Viewer always crashes when teleporting home after Hypergrid session => Dev Master .7.1 rev 14941 Viewer crash after Hypergrid teleport home & No-rezz on HG inventory
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2011-03-01 04:27 kenvc Summary Dev Master .7.1 rev 14941 Viewer crash after Hypergrid teleport home & No-rezz on HG inventory => Dev Master .7.1 rev 14968 TP home after HG session denied or crashing viewer, no rezz on GH inventory etc
2011-03-01 04:27 kenvc Description Updated
2011-03-01 04:27 kenvc Summary Dev Master .7.1 rev 14968 TP home after HG session denied or crashing viewer, no rezz on GH inventory etc => Dev Master .7.1 rev 14968 TP home after HG session denied or crashing viewer, no rezz on HG inventory etc
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