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0005314opensim[GRID] Robust Serverpublic2011-01-07 10:252011-02-03 05:30
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Summary0005314: Upper/Lower Case issues with mysql comunity server
DescriptionThis one i chased around a bit after updating Mysql to current stable version.

The data imports ok but now cares about the Upperlower case of the tables and fields. In My case it couldent read (MySql says they dosent exist) useraccounts and presence tables.

It calls UserAcounts vrs all lowcase ect..

To workaround this i found a setting in Mysql Advanced that tells it to ignore case alltogether. Setting this worked and robust runs ok at this point.

Im not shure if this is an actual bug with just the 2 tables or because of the changes to Mysql server revs.
It only rejected thoughs 2 tables and only when a client trys to connect to robust.
I thought at least i should point it out as out of the box its checking this now. The newer Mysql ships with most new linux distros btw.
In my case SUSE 11.3
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Git Revision or version number.71 dev current master trunk
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono Version2.8
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samiam (reporter)
2011-01-07 12:02

SubNote: Dbl checked the data base from the working Msql Tables to the restored Data in the new rev. and all tables came out the same (both are lowercase).
As i was testing this to evalate SUSE and the newer Mysql, i dident save the robust log sadly. Just my scrbble notes.. sry
Fly-Man- (developer)
2011-02-03 05:30

When changing your MySQL installation to include the following in the my.cnf

lower_case_table_names = 1

If set to 1, table names are stored in lowercase on disk and comparisons are not case sensitive. ( [^])

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2011-01-07 10:25 samiam Run Mode => Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
2011-01-07 10:25 samiam Physics Engine => ODE
2011-01-07 10:25 samiam Environment => Mono / Linux64
2011-01-07 10:25 samiam Mono Version => 2.8
2011-01-07 10:25 samiam Viewer => any
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