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0005265opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2010-12-11 05:572013-04-28 12:18
ReporterMichelle Argus 
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Summary0005265: "remove-region" removes Prims from database
DescriptionWehn using remove-region <name> in the console, then all prims are removed from the databse. remove-region should however just remove the region from the simulator and not do any changes to the Databese.

For removing a Region from the Databse there is the "delete-region" function.
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Git Revision or version number3ef9a4da9a12a9a4066b813556748aa9d158e212
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim) , Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineBasicPhysics
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32
Mono Version2.4
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Marck (reporter)
2010-12-12 14:44

Hi Michelle,

Where have you got the information that those two commands should behave in the way you describe?

The current implementation is such that both commands clear off the region from all prims. This is done in the same way as "load oar" does when used without option --merge. The only difference between remove-region and delete-region is that delete-region also removes the configuration settings from the region file (or deletes the file, if it contained settings for the deleted region only) while remove-region keeps those settings.
melanie (administrator)
2010-12-12 14:59

I consider this extremely dangerous and i don't believe that any of these commands should delete any prims.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2010-12-12 15:50

Marck, in Mantis 2110 it was requested that remove-region also removed the region from the Database. Back then remove-region only closed the region from the simulator. The Request ends with the "new" command delete-region which was inplemented to also remove the region from the entire database.

Melanie, dangerous or not, we currently only have delete-region to remove a region from the databse. There need to be more tools for database cleanups and management. Until then its better than nothing.
melanie (administrator)
2010-12-12 16:20

remove-region should not delete prims. there has to be a way to disable a region without deleting all it's content. Personally, i don't believe there should be such an easy way to delete what may be months of work, or may belong to other people. Deletion of prims from the database should be left to database management tools and not be part of opensim at all.
samiam (reporter)
2010-12-15 19:06

@ Mechelle ...Umm.. no it dosent actualy. What it removes is region ref to assests as it should not actual assests per assets table. When you kill a region your removing ref. to the assests and that regions UUID, (from regions).
The only way to actualy remove shared assests (inspite of region ref) would use a totaly dif. function. There are tools in robust to do exactly that but just kiling a region ref. Isnt doing what you may think.
Perhaps the differance is not clear, but it by no mean removes actual assests.
One is used to temp relase a region, the other is used to relese the ref to a region under that region uuid. (cant get it back but can reuse same region uuid again as new).
It is working as intended just mabey a bit confusing is all.

samiam (reporter)
2010-12-15 19:20

Simple test, make a new region, log in. make a new prim.. wait a bit for it to persist. take a copy of the new prim (get its UUID), exit and kill the region
Then query the assests table for the new prim object you made (uuid).
Its there and also you will still have your copy too.

samiam (reporter)
2010-12-15 20:30

Subnote: Both functions are intended as full grid admin tools. Most never need these but there are some situations on large grids we must have them.
If i need to isolate 1 region thats causing issues to the whole instance i can remove that in a temp way with out taking the whole instance down. That lets us move that 1 region into its own instance to see if it can be fixed. If not and last ditch efforts dont work we kill its ref. totaly. both happen but very rare. Any assests/copys user may have made they still have, anything that had no copys is still there but becomes junk in the assest trunk.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2010-12-16 10:11

samiam, yes, prims are still in the asset servers Database, but not in the prims table of the region. After restarting, the region is empty untill one loads a backup again of the region. Landinfo, Terrain and Regionsetting still are there, but not Prims. My neighbour also also made the same experiance.

 For the meantime I use "admin_close_region" from Remote Admin were prims survive as they should.

 For me this funcion is a part in automated regiondistribution across Servers & Sims were i dont always want to shutdown all regions in a Simulator. However, Prims must also survive without loading backups on startup.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2012-07-08 07:47

Was this issue solved? I currently dont have a testregion to check if remove-region still removes prims.

If its solved we can close this mantis...
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2013-04-28 09:15

Just tested remove-region with a current OS. The command still deleted prims from the database.
melanie (administrator)
2013-04-28 09:22

I'm still of the opinion that at least one of these commands should NOT delete prims and that any command that deletes prims should require extra verification and full disclosure in a warning message or similar before continuing.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2013-04-28 12:18

And I still agree that remove-region should not remove any data from the Database, for that there is delete-region.

 Unfortunatly remove-region still only removes prims from the database and keeps all other tables untouched.

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