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0005005opensim[REGION] Scripting Enginepublic2010-08-30 20:022015-08-18 09:35
Assigned Tojustincc 
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Summary0005005: [PATCH] llRegionSay() script function does not trigger a ChatFromWorldEvent
Description- A region module with a ChatFromWorldEvent handler was not picking up messages from llRegionSay() script events in an object.
- Other scripted objects listening on the appropriate channel were reacting to those messages.
- The same ChatFromWorldEvent handler was picking up messages from scripted llSay() events.

llSay(), llShout() and llWhisper() in LSL_Api.cs all seem to trigger a ChatFromWorldEvent via the World.SimChat() call, which is absent from the llRegionSay() method.

Copying the following line to from llSay() to llRegionSay() yielded the behaviour I was expecting (i.e. the event handler picking up the message):

World.SimChat(Utils.StringToBytes(text), ChatTypeEnum.Region, channelID, m_host.ParentGroup.RootPart.AbsolutePosition, m_host.Name, m_host.UUID, false);
Additional InformationIn passing, I noticed that llShout() calls World.SimChat() with the "fromAgent" parameter set to true, while the others are false. Is that by design, or by accident?
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Git Revision or version number0
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32
Mono VersionOther
Attached Filespatch file icon e4d16e6-Fix-Region-Say.patch [^] (3,165 bytes) 2014-09-08 20:22 [Show Content]
patch file icon regionsayfix-c61aec7 2014-09-15 11:56:49 -0700.patch [^] (3,664 bytes) 2014-09-15 12:13 [Show Content]

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related to 0007330closedjustincc llRegionSayTo() now says it twice... 

-  Notes
justincc (administrator)
2012-05-25 18:59

I think this was fixed by git master 679da63d
nebadon (administrator)
2013-08-13 22:12

was asked by DrCuriosity to reopen this mantis!
DrCuriosity (reporter)
2013-08-13 22:14
edited on: 2013-08-13 22:17

This bug seems to have come back in 0.7.5, somehow. The fix remains as in the initial description.

eeyore (reporter)
2014-09-08 20:27

Submitted patch. It's my first attempt at a patch, so keep a good eye on it.
eeyore (reporter)
2014-09-10 16:09

The patch employs the solution listed by DrCuriosity by adding World.SimChat() to llRegionSay. This also repairs llRegionSayTo() by adding an additional override to SimChatToAgent();
justincc (administrator)
2014-09-12 15:14

From visual inspection, the functionality of the patch looks good to me. However, I do have the following points:

1. Please could you make the patch subject line reflect what it's doing and which Mantis (i.e. this one) it addresses.

2. Please could you reformat the patch to use 4 space indents and not tabs.

3. You have the World.SimChatToAgent() call inside the wComm != null check. However, if it's to be consistent with other LSL_Api behaviour (and indeed with your first change!) this should be before the IWorldComm module check.

If you could make these corrections then I think that this looks like a good patch to put in. Thanks.
eeyore (reporter)
2014-09-15 12:39

regionsayfix-c61aec7 2014-09-15 11:56:49 -0700.patch
includes the suggestions made by justincc
justincc (administrator)
2014-09-17 15:52

Thanks eeyore. Patch commited in master as 1f40630.

Also just another point I should have mentioned originally, could you make sure commits don't include that "modified" text and that a summary appears as the first line? As you can see from the log, having all that text concatenated together screws up the log. But I didn't want to do another back and forth this time as the patch is fairly small in the grand scheme and the content is at least there. Thanks!
aiaustin (developer)
2015-08-18 09:35

Resolved issue marked as closed. Please open a new issue and refer to this one if problems arise.

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2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity New Issue
2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity Git Revision => 0
2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity SVN Revision => 0
2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity Run Mode => Standalone (Multiple Regions)
2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity Environment => Mono / Linux32
2010-08-30 20:02 DrCuriosity Mono Version => Other
2012-05-25 18:59 justincc Note Added: 0021548
2012-05-25 18:59 justincc Status new => resolved
2012-05-25 18:59 justincc Resolution open => fixed
2012-05-25 18:59 justincc Assigned To => justincc
2013-08-13 22:12 nebadon Note Added: 0024274
2013-08-13 22:12 nebadon Status resolved => feedback
2013-08-13 22:12 nebadon Resolution fixed => reopened
2013-08-13 22:14 DrCuriosity Note Added: 0024275
2013-08-13 22:14 DrCuriosity Status feedback => assigned
2013-08-13 22:14 nebadon Note Added: 0024276
2013-08-13 22:14 nebadon Note Deleted: 0024276
2013-08-13 22:17 DrCuriosity Note Edited: 0024275 View Revisions
2014-09-08 20:22 eeyore File Added: e4d16e6-Fix-Region-Say.patch
2014-09-08 20:27 eeyore Note Added: 0026810
2014-09-10 16:09 eeyore Note Added: 0026826
2014-09-10 16:09 eeyore Status assigned => patch included
2014-09-12 15:14 justincc Note Added: 0026837
2014-09-12 15:14 justincc Status patch included => patch feedback
2014-09-15 12:13 eeyore File Added: regionsayfix-c61aec7 2014-09-15 11:56:49 -0700.patch
2014-09-15 12:39 eeyore Note Added: 0026840
2014-09-15 12:40 eeyore Summary llRegionSay() script function does not trigger a ChatFromWorldEvent => [PATCH] llRegionSay() script function does not trigger a ChatFromWorldEvent
2014-09-17 15:52 justincc Note Added: 0026842
2014-09-17 15:52 justincc Status patch feedback => resolved
2014-09-17 15:52 justincc Resolution reopened => fixed
2014-09-21 12:55 Mata Hari Relationship added related to 0007330
2015-08-18 09:35 aiaustin Note Added: 0029293
2015-08-18 09:35 aiaustin Status resolved => closed

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