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0004969opensim[GRID] Inventory Servicepublic2010-08-21 14:142014-04-25 12:50
Assigned Tojhurliman 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Versionmaster (dev code) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004969: load iar object to different simian grid
Description1. create an iar on grid A as user X
2. load iar on grid B as user Y (with no user X as a existing user)
3. try to rez the object fails

in the error log below a user tx Oh created an iar on his home grid (0.7 head)
a user Kirk Verino tries loading these iar on a different grid with no tx Oh as an existing user.
Additional Information16:25:38 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loading archive /home/ste/OS/lightshare.iar to inventory path / for Kirk Verino
16:25:38 - [SIMIAN ACCOUNT CONNECTOR]: Looking up user account with query: Kirk Verino
16:25:38 - [SIMIAN INVENTORY CONNECTOR]: Parsed 15 folders from SimianGrid response
16:25:38 - [SIMIAN ACCOUNT CONNECTOR]: Looking up user account with query: tx Oh
16:25:38 - [SIMIAN ACCOUNT CONNECTOR]: Failed to lookup user account with query: tx Oh
16:25:38 - [SIMIAN INVENTORY CONNECTOR]: Error creating item LightShare for 6610e19b-4208-4679-ae3d-bec78c6bfdc7: Item creation failed
16:25:40 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 13 assets with 0 failures
16:25:40 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Successfully loaded 1 items
16:25:40 - [INVENTORY ARCHIVER]: Loaded archive /home/ste/OS/lightshare.iar for Kirk Verino
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numbera8c0b131f9aa62d4b6260fd37f89014e55b457cf
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32
Mono VersionOther
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melanie (administrator)
2010-08-21 14:31

Please try importing this to a Robust grid to aid in coarse localization of the issue.
smxy (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:32

I had to unpack the iar, edit his UUID to mine everywhere, as well as change his name to mine, and then repack the iar. I was then able to load it and have the item created and made rezzable.
melanie (administrator)
2010-08-21 14:34

With ROBUST inventory, this would likely work. Simian seems to be more picky. Maybe Simian as a jira/mantis to file this on.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:34

well, it works on robust. others with robust had no problem to download and install the object. [^]

the download link is in the description
smxy (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:35

My ROBUST grid is very old (circa last April or earlier). So I won't be able to test it in a meaningful way until after I get it upgraded.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:36

but simian is integrated in the opensim core, why do i need to make me an account on another issue tracker?

/me looks puzzled
melanie (administrator)
2010-08-21 14:37

The simian CONNECTORS are in core. The backend is not.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:46

as you can read in the log the name lookup fails in the connector
melanie (administrator)
2010-08-21 14:48

I don't know what level Simian verifies this. Assigning to the JHurlicane.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-21 14:50

thats more than i have expected, ty.
smxy (reporter)
2010-08-21 15:23

My SimianGrid code is current as of 2010-08-21. My OpenSim code is r13675 - just a commit or so off of HEAD. I'm running on openSUSE 11.3 and Mono 2.6.4.
jhurliman (manager)
2010-08-22 03:38

Thanks for the debugging so far, I'll take a look at this on Monday.
jhurliman (manager)
2010-08-29 14:17

Still looking into this, but my initial hunch is the IAR load module is leaving the CreatorID as an invalid UUID on the grid. This is fine for ROBUST, but SimianGrid doesn't like assets/items being created with invalid owners or creators and rejects the item creation. If this is in fact what's going on, the proper fix would be to rewrite the CreatorID to the OwnerID in the case of a missing creator in the IAR load module Thanks for the report, shouldn't be long for a fix.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-29 14:35

ty, it would help to exchange items between grids!
melanie (administrator)
2010-08-29 14:43

The idea is specifically NOT to overwrite creator. If Simian overwrites the creator, then it isn't working correctly. The current ML discussion is just about this, namely, the IAR writer should convert creators to their URL form and Simian needs to deal with those URLs. Until then, the creator WILL be an invalid URL and SHOULD not be changed. A fix that drops creator information is not a fix we would want to have in the long run.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-29 14:53

which means iar/oar writer / reader must be changed and handle with a url?
smxy (reporter)
2010-08-29 14:58

jhurliman (manager)
2010-08-30 11:34

Melanie, I just read the backlog on opensim-dev and it seems clear that the global identifier discussion is still very early. I will be happy when there is a global identifier scheme to adopt in SimianGrid, and even happier if it makes enough sense to write into the HG 1.5 proposal. Until then, is this bug worth fixing or can it sit on the back burner?
smxy (reporter)
2010-08-30 11:38

As the person who brought this to thomax's attention, since I had trouble with his iar, I vote for fixing it once. I've been following the discussion on opensim-dev also and it's very interesting. I won't speak for thomax, but I can't see fixing this twice.
thomax (reporter)
2010-08-30 12:08

/me sighs... i would say if there is no other solution in sight it stays as a bug. hinders the flow of content between grids. iar and oar are meant to be an backup as well as an exchange format.

i know it might be just a few lines to fix this on an interim basis, but this only makes sense, as i said, when the other solution will not step-in in the next 2 or 3 month.

you know the discussions better than me to make a decision on it.

thats just a point-of-view of a normal mortal.


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2010-08-21 14:15 thomax Physics Engine => ODE
2010-08-21 14:15 thomax Environment => Mono / Linux32
2010-08-21 14:15 thomax Mono Version => Other
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