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0004888opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2010-07-25 09:292012-07-27 09:32
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Summary0004888: Position of the prim set is not refreshed in the client when a script using llTargetOmega is used and the script is reset.
DescriptionllTargetOmega seems to work just fine in itself. It is a rotation that is done completly client side once the information is sent to the client. However when the script is reset, the client should get a signal to display the object back in its original starting position. When the script starts up once more, the prim begins to rotate once more from its new starting position as the client sees it.

This is a problem because when a script is reset it should also update the prims original position within the client.
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Git Revision or version numberOpenSim 0.6.9
Run Mode Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux32
Mono Version1.9.0
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SignpostMarv (reporter)
2012-07-27 09:32
edited on: 2012-07-27 09:32

Observed behaviour with following script in OpenSim and Second Life is identical (watch it run then click reset etc.):


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2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai New Issue
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai Git Revision => OpenSim 0.6.9
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai SVN Revision => 0
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai Run Mode => Grid (1 Region per Sim)
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai Physics Engine => ODE
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai Environment => Mono / Linux32
2010-07-25 09:29 shinmai Mono Version => 1.9.0
2012-07-27 09:32 SignpostMarv Note Added: 0021916
2012-07-27 09:32 SignpostMarv Note Edited: 0021916 View Revisions

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