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0004499opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2010-01-08 18:292011-07-03 16:24
ReporterEthos Erlanger 
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Summary0004499: After a crash, I must restart OpenSim twice to get all my objects back into the region.
Descriptionafter a crash for any reason, I must restart OpenSim once to get regions running with a few selected prims (always the same prims). Then I shut down OpenSim normally, and restart it a second time and all the prims are back as they were before the crash.
Additional Information
I have found the nature of the issue relates to the fact that this is a mega-region. All the prims in the SW region (the root region) are intact. Prims in all other 3 regions are missing until after the second restart of OpenSim.
TagsNo tags attached.
Git Revision or version numberDiva Distro r11766
Run Mode Standalone (Multiple Regions)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
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nebadon (administrator)
2010-01-08 18:36

is this a mega region?
Ursula Matova (reporter)
2010-01-08 23:53

I have the same issue ( "disappearing prims" ) after MegaRegion restart ...

The workaround I have found is to delete the "addin-db-001" folder.
Ethos Erlanger (reporter)
2010-01-23 23:22

@nebadon Yes, this is a mega region - see additional notes.
All the prims in the SW region (the root region) are intact. All the prims in all other quadrants are missing until after the second restart of OpenSim.
Ursula Matova (reporter)
2010-01-24 01:06
edited on: 2010-01-24 01:07

Note: Just upgraded to r/12080 the problem still occurs and when you start servers ( grid mode ) for the first time after upgrade, you need to restart once without deleting the "addin-db-001" forder.

It's "minor" but a bit anoying :)

( FYI: I'm running a 5x5 MegaRegion on Linux/x64 & Mono )

Ethos Erlanger (reporter)
2010-01-24 18:52
edited on: 2010-01-24 18:54


Further testing identified that single prims are intact after a single restart, and any linked sets of prims are missing. The second re-start will bring back the linked sets.

On the SW region only, all prims are intact every time there is a restart after a crash.

Enverex (reporter)
2010-02-01 09:58

This is quite a serious issue, mainly because it stops you being able to set up crash recovery on a region. Basically if OpenSim crashes then it's stuck because even if I had a script in place that would restart the server, it still wouldn't be any good because the sims would come back up with most objects missing.
BillBlight (developer)
2010-05-24 15:55
edited on: 2010-05-24 17:50

I can attest to having the exact same issue, and can make it happen almost every time ...

If I TP to a non root region with Imprudence, it will crash the sim almost everytime ... TP'ing with other viewers to a non-root region, causes some lag, but only crashes about 1 out of 100 imprudence is more like 1 out of 3.

But after the crash NO prims, restart a couple of times, and bang prims..

So yeah same issue running OpenSim 0.6.9 (Dev)93967d4 Linux/Mono

BillBlight (developer)
2010-05-24 17:59

just want to add that this really renders mega regions worthless, any ideas , anybody????
Simpy Merryman (reporter)
2010-06-13 21:23

Just a headsup, I tried the delete the "addin-db-001" folder, but it dfid not work, anything linked was still gone until I did a second restart..
Running opensim-0.6.9-0a9c98e on windows server 2008
nittrus (reporter)
2010-06-28 17:14
edited on: 2010-06-28 17:28

I have found that this is likely due to the fact that the linked prims are attempting to cross into the other regions of the mega region from the control region (SW corner) as shown in the following log lines.

19:25:52 - [INTERREGION]: Prim crossing failed for TeleHub 64f3311e-195a-4d39-b475-6678e759cfcf (<221.9996, 39.99991, 25.34413>)
19:25:52 - [GRID CONNECTOR]: GetRegionByPosition 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, 256000-256256 received invalid response
19:25:52 - [INTERREGION]: Prim crossing failed for Arch Bridge (Complete) 74814c03-6c50-4056-98cd-1c4a8a09307b (<192.958, 51.16037, 18.05359>)

This issue appears to be with INTERREGION thinking that the coords provided should mean that the objects loaded are to be places in another region, it then tries to find said region but since that region has yet to be loaded it is not present and thus fails (at least some times) though why it doesn't fail every time is what I find interesting.

So if some one could either;
A> Fix the control region to be the top right most (NE) region thus making the control the last region to load and it's prims.

B> Fix the INTERREGION to ignore the position of the the objects when the opensim.ini file is set to load megaregion mode for the regions that are a part of the mega region.

I personally think that option A is best so that potential other issues would then be twarted, but that would likely be tougher then the second option of course. I suspect a simple conditional in the INTERREGION system would solve this problem thus I consider this a patchable issue, correct me if I am wrong.

Also, I am running OS 0.6.8 Windows 32 through Wine 1.2 on Linux Mint 8 (which works better then mono I have found) and in Grid mode, so this bug is affecting more then just Standalone.

CyberMage (reporter)
2011-07-03 16:24

Where it may only affect linked prims in regions 2+, it does not affect ALL linked prims in 2+.

This happens to me on a fresh start after a proper shutdown and none of the suggested fixes above load the prims for me. I have to reload an oar file I saved in the root region before I get my prims back. So, I've taken to regularly saving an oar from (root) and I use that if I need to restart my sim.

Very annoying...

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2010-01-08 18:29 Ethos Erlanger Run Mode => Standalone (Multiple Regions)
2010-01-08 18:29 Ethos Erlanger Physics Engine => ODE
2010-01-08 18:29 Ethos Erlanger Environment => .NET / Windows32
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