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0004103opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2009-09-03 20:592011-08-12 04:14
ReporterInstant Blue 
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Summary0004103: Region crossing while sitting on a prim
Description1. Create a prim near the edge of a region
2. Sit on it
3. Drag the prim into the next region
4. Prim appears in correct region/location, but you are no longer seated on the prim.

I've had odd results in my location once I become unseated. Here are a few:
1. You are in correct region.
2. You appear in the adjacent region from where you originally started at <128, 128, 128>, but can not move
3. You are in the original region at <128, 128, 128>.
4. You are in the original region at <11606, 151, 2191>, can not move, are logged out after a moment, and the whole open sim is unresponsive until you terminate the process.

Expected to appear sitting on the prim in the next region.
Additional InformationOpenSim 0.6.6 (Dev)

git# 994c5e2 2009-09-02 05:04:24 +0100

In effect, you could attempt to crash other peoples sims simply by rez/create a prim, sit on it, and drag over a region border. I've only been testing on my regions that all sit on the same OpenSIM.
Tagsc, crossing, multiple regions, region, sit
Git Revision or version number994c5e2
Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows64
Mono VersionNone
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makopoppo (manager)
2011-08-12 04:14

Tested it with OpenSim 0.7.2-dev. Currently my avatar kept sitting after region crossing, but when it stood up from the seat, it fell down between regions infinity.

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2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue New Issue
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Git Revision => 994c5e2
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue SVN Revision => 0
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Run Mode => Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Physics Engine => ODE
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Environment => .NET / Windows64
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Mono Version => None
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Tag Attached: crossing
2009-09-03 20:59 Instant Blue Tag Attached: c
2009-09-03 21:01 Instant Blue Tag Attached: region
2009-09-03 21:01 Instant Blue Tag Attached: sit
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2011-08-12 04:14 makopoppo Note Added: 0019488
2011-08-12 04:14 makopoppo Status new => acknowledged

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