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0003843opensim[REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulepublic2009-06-26 18:372009-07-05 16:46
Reportermaster zephyr 
Assigned Tomcortez 
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Summary0003843: Flotsam disk cache persists deleted objects
Descriptionthis happens when region is restarted. Delete in world objects, empty trash can. restart region server, and all of it is back. Setting cache clean to say .5 (30min) seems a better setting but the bigger problem is we should not persist deleted items at all. Reasion is it can also compound objects in a region too.
This can cause problems w. building or cleaning a messy region of junk. If the user del stuff (normal in a building process) and restarts there region server b4 cache clean up cycle.. thay end up with objects in objects and a bigger mess.
What i think would be a better solution is to have it auto clean file cache on region server restart rather than depend just on the cycle time to do it. The latter would take care of the problem w. out change to its base config.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono Versiontrunk
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nebadon (administrator)
2009-06-27 09:34

I can not confirm this, also just because something is removed from the scene does not mean it should be removed from the cache, as the object might return shortly, and there is no point in retrieving it again, the whole point of a cache is to store assets server side so you do not have to keep retrieving them from the asset server. My guess is this problem has nothing to do with the cache, but i am unable to recreate what your saying, so i do not know 100%
mcortez (developer)
2009-06-27 09:39

There is no reason why something in the cache should cause an item to be placed in the scene.

Something else is going on here. Otherwise those of us that use a single cache across multiple regions would have random objects showing up all over the place from one region in other regions. Are you sure you just not shutting down the region before it's had a chance to coalesce deletes to the storage data provider for your region? This is usually your local MySQL db.

Also clearing the cache on restart would negate the disk caches biggest advantage, and that's having the assets cached at region start.
master zephyr (reporter)
2009-06-27 09:43
edited on: 2009-06-27 10:56

Well now it could also be that the setting of "0" (never expires) could have been the cause too. I will do more testing on that as it could be just that one setting that was causing it somehow. I do know that it happend on both win and linux region hosts but to be fair i did not try other settings other than 0 at the time. I still can repo the problem by setting it back to that however.

Note: Also not using it at all fixed the issue on all region servers, this is why im not so convinced its a mysql problem. Ill dig a bit deeper though, tnx for the feedback.

master zephyr (reporter)
2009-06-27 10:28

"single cache across multiple regions", is all i run here. UGAIM host using multi-servers forming a cross-platform grid w. central mysql host server for it all.
Ugaim and Mysql service's are linux base host, region servers connect via LAN.
Front and back end service's also exist on sep. servers if it matters.
This problem started being noticed after we begain to make use of cache sub mods.
Our grid has always run in its current layout for over a year now.
master zephyr (reporter)
2009-07-05 16:46

@ rev .9975 i had time to try a few other tests. So i inc the cycle to 12 hrs rather than the .5 as b4. Went in deleted some trees no objects just a tree. And let it run for a good 8hrs after. then restarted the region sever after normal 'QUIT' command waited about 15min and launched it again. Tree was right back again. So as a sec. test i set the cycle to 1hr. Did the same again but waited till i was shure the cycle happened, Shut down normaly again brought it back up and tree was still gone as expected. I also noted the prim count b4 and after to see if it changed when the prims were deleted and it did show the change in the used prim number. Next ill test w. objects rather just trees though im not shure why it would matter though (not using active trees, just normal client made ones btw). anyway i still see it but the hunt continues...

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