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0003645opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2009-05-13 13:492011-07-27 07:36
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Summary0003645: RezObject from task inventory doesn't work
DescriptionRepro (observed using OpenSim r9532 and SL Viewer 1.22.11)

1) rez a prim
2) take it into agent inventory
3) rez a 2nd prim
4) Drag the 1st prim from agent inventory into the 2nd prim's task inventory.
5) Drag the prim from task inventory to the ground. Nothing rezzes.

Note: the inventory item in task inventory appears okay. If you drag it back to agent inventory, it can be rezzed from there.

It appears that the RezObject packet simply doesn't work properly when the FolderID is set to a TaskID.
Additional InformationSorry if this is a dup. I did a search, but couldn't find a report for this.
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Run ModeStandalone (1 Region)
Physics EngineODE
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Environment.NET / Windows32
Mono VersionNone
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melanie (administrator)
2009-05-13 14:00

This is also observable in SL. Works as designed.
ShackDougall (reporter)
2009-05-13 14:04

No, sorry, but you are wrong. I just performed the same experiment with 1.22.11 in SL and it *did* rez the object from task inventory.
melanie (administrator)
2009-05-13 14:07

Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn't. In SL. In Opensim, it is not implemented.
ShackDougall (reporter)
2009-05-13 14:22

All I can say is that it has worked reliably for me in SL over the past month.

If you aren't going to implement it, that's fine, but it should at least pop up one of those message windows and say something like "RezObject from task inventory not implemented".

The main reason that I brought it up was because it confused me as a developer. I'm writing a libopenmv application that is building task inventory and then using LSL to rez from it. It is working in SL and now I'm going through the not-so-straightforward task of getting it to work with OpenSim.

I got to the point where everything looked like it was getting created correctly in the task inventory. But I was confused when I couldn't drag them out to rez them. To a regular user, this would have been a no brainer: "Oh, I guess they haven't implemented that yet." But to me, I immediately thought that there was something wrong with how I had created the items.

A simple message telling me that it isn't implemented would have saved me some time.
melanie (administrator)
2009-05-13 19:06

LSL can rez from task inventory. The client can't.
Michelle Argus (reporter)
2009-05-13 22:42

My guess is that the Hippoviewer cant rezz from the Inventory of an inworld object, havnt tryed that though in SL yet.

 But i agree with ShackDougall, in SL one can do that and the past 2 years of my SL-life I never had problems with it. In the end, its realy timesaving and and keeps the Inventory cleaner
Diva (administrator)
2009-05-23 09:26

I was surprised with this behavior too. (Even more surprised because I was trying to do it over HG, and it crashed the home sim due to some missing conditionals.)

Doesn't seem that difficult to implement, Melanie? Not sure about the LSL part, but the direct manipulation. The fromTaskID is given to RezObject, and it's non Zero when the object comes from a task inventory. But I didn't dig deeper, so there may be more than meets the eye.
melanie (administrator)
2009-05-23 09:50

There is. permissions would be a real mess. It didn't use to work in SL, or possibly works only if the prim, or the contents, or both, are fullperm. I know often I can't rez from task inventory to world in SL either. In OpenSim, this is not implemented at all, SL seems to have a partial implementation.
ShackDougall (reporter)
2009-05-23 23:15

I looked at it some more and Melanie appears to be correct about it not working in some cases in SL. It definitely works when everything is full perm, but there are also some cases with lesser permissions that should work, but don't.

However, in all cases, when it doesn't work in SL, the SL viewer changes the cursor to something that looks like NOT-ALLOWED, LOCKED and it won't let you drop the item. In OpenSim, the SL viewer allows you to drop the full perm item and it makes the rezzing noise, but nothing happens.

This is what confused me. There is no indication that the operation is dis-allowed or unimplemented in OpenSim. Everything in the user interface indicates that it is working, but then nothing happens.

I'd be satisfied if there was feedback to the user that it is disallowed or unimplemented. Seems like it would be easy enough to send an AgentAlertMessage to that effect.

Bonus points if it worked for full perm items.
makopoppo (manager)
2011-07-27 07:36

Since it seems rather to be a feature suggestion than bug report, changed some property.

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