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0003039opensim[REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulepublic2009-01-24 05:422009-04-30 11:24
Assigned ToFly-Man- 
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Summary0003039: OSSEARCH Module not working correctly
DescriptionI got the search module integrated, copied all files to the WI Interface web root. All is done by instruction, modified opensim.ini, copied the search modules to /bin, imported tables to MySQL Database, created Datasnapshots (files are in /Datasnapshots) set parcels and items inworld for "find in search".

At startups the search module initializes without error, the MySQL table gets the host registered.

User Search works, but no events, (classified - not sure this one works yet), no land or item search shows in SEARCH and no entries are filed within the MySQL tables.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this or what to do?

Thanks alot
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
Script Engine
EnvironmentMono / Linux64
Mono VersionNone
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Fly-Man- (developer)
2009-01-24 05:47

Morning FredM,

As I see you're using the 64 Bit version of Linux/Mono I can safely tell that the binaries that are included work with the Linux32/Mono at this moment.

The best thing to do is to compile the binaries yourself.

If that doesn't solve it, please join the #opensim channel on IRC. I will be there all day to help out if needed.
FredM (reporter)
2009-01-24 05:55


thanks alot. I could compile that (uhh...did compile the ode physics once myself). I am abit lost right now ...something to do with the prebuild.patch?
Are there any hints or instructions somewhere how to compile that, or should I better go into IRC?
Fly-Man- (developer)
2009-01-24 05:59

FredM, depends what you like best :)

I'm on IRC right now, so join me there :)
FredM (reporter)
2009-01-24 06:02

Okay, will figure how to go there. IRC Chat Client I do have in Mozilla :)
FredM (reporter)
2009-01-24 10:02
edited on: 2009-01-25 05:06

Hello Fly-Man, Hello everyone,

Well, thanks so much... this works very nice now. There are only little issues left I can not figure.

As of now these features work:
- People Search
- Land for Sale Search (even it does not show as yellow patch on the map...maybe takes some time?)
- Adding events via WireDux Website

What does not work:

- Adding classifieds via the avatars profile (loading....). MySQL shows 0, posting cost 50$ (does not deduct from account... maybe the reason it does not save to the MySQL DB...even my money module is working else)

- Adding classifieds over the WI Interface (webpage does not show, not sure it has to)

- Events are listed in the MySQL DB, but I can not search the events in the viewer and added events are also not listed in the WI Interface (even it was added)

- If I am not the estate owner (cause the sim belongs to User XYZ), the region is not listed in the WI Interface "add region" for events.

- If I set Objects for search (like a house or such), they do not show in search. In the edit menu of the object "show in search" is selected and description under name is in.

As to configure the websites in the WI Interface/Admin... PageManager I used these parameters:

- SEARCH EVENTS index.php?page=events
  --> EVENTS index.php?page=make-events

- SEARCH CLASSIFIEDS index.php?page=classifieds
(Page does not display)

Fly-Man- (developer)
2009-04-02 12:27


Classifieds is part of the OSPROFILE project that i'm also working on

So at this moment, creating classifieds inworld won't work

As soon as OSPROFILE is done, it will also work inworld and on the website

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