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0002484opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2008-10-28 00:022019-02-05 09:01
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Summary0002484: r6994 - changes to a linkset are not always saved unless linkset is taken into INVENTORY
DescriptionSeveral times, I have added or removed prims from a linkset, then logged off, assuming the changes were persistent. If I happen to restart the region before logging back in, I see that the changes to the linkset did not persist. Taking the object into INVENTORY and re-rezzing it seems to be force the linkset changes to be written.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
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EnvironmentMono / Linux32
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child of 0002870new META - Linking issues 

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mirceakitsune (reporter)
2008-10-31 03:34

Haven't experienced the issue yet but as a workaround, instead of bothering with taking it in inventory and re-rezzing just shift-drag the prim and delete what you dragged. A newly re-created version of the linkset is created at the initial position when you shift-drag the object and that certainly fixes it... its how I make sure a linkset always updated correctly.
lmmz (reporter)
2008-11-03 15:48

thx for the tip.
idb (manager)
2008-11-13 02:27

There has been a recent change [^]
Has that fixed this problem too?
rjs (reporter)
2008-11-13 03:26

I experienced this just recently. Logged off, restarted the server, and a linked prim that had been removed reappeared.

Might want to leave this one open for just a bit as it was a latter revision just a day or so ago that I was working with.

Thank you,
rjs (reporter)
2008-11-14 14:03
edited on: 2008-11-14 14:05


This is not resolved on this end for sure. I was waiting to see if this would happen again. It did. After a server restart, update to 7300 which is where this is at the moment, I found that deleted prims came back and indeed were linked again.

Debian 4.0 stable - mono v1.9.1 - MySQL 5 - ODE .71 source compile - SVN 7300

Grid Server w/multiple simulators

Thank you,

melanie (administrator)
2008-11-14 14:13

any link/delink should set HasGroupChanged on the SOG in question. that seems to be missing in places.
lmmz (reporter)
2009-05-12 21:08

Still occurs in r9535. I can create a linkset, unlink one piece of the set, log off, restart the region, log back on and the unlinked piece of the set is relinked to the set. Deleted pieces do not seem to return, however.
lmmz (reporter)
2009-05-17 13:04

Still happening in 9561.
lmmz (reporter)
2009-05-31 18:50

still happening in 9740.
lmmz (reporter)
2009-06-01 22:31

this seems like a serious bug, which could bite a builder in the butt if he /she did not know about the issue. anyone want to take a crack at it?
2009-06-02 01:19

melanie committed related code in r9760

Explicitly set the changed status of the prim groups affected in a delink
Mantis 0002484

see more at - [^]
lmmz (reporter)
2009-06-02 09:46

Will test! THX!
lmmz (reporter)
2009-06-02 10:16

This doesnt seem to be fixed for me on 9761. Linksets are not preserved if the region is restarted before I login again. Mel, do you have a certain repo of steps you would like me to test?
melanie (administrator)
2009-06-02 11:38

The change I made will cause UNlinking to persist, Linking is untouched. It causes the normal persistence save, so it may take a qhile for the sim to actually save the prim link sets. If you don't wait long enough, there will not be time for that to happen.
lmmz (reporter)
2009-06-21 12:30

What is the communities recommendation for this Mantis?
makopoppo (manager)
2011-07-30 04:43

Since there is no feedback nor additional informations from the reporters, closing it for now. If you still feel this is problem, please reopen it.
melanie (administrator)
2011-07-30 06:31

This is very much still an issue and it's a major one.
SignpostMarv (reporter)
2012-09-09 11:07

A little over a year since the last issueyness, is it still an issue?
lmmz (reporter)
2014-03-28 14:47
edited on: 2014-03-28 14:47

I think this can be closed. Parent issue exists for reporting further.

AliciaRaven (manager)
2014-03-29 07:01

I dont think this should be closed. Most of the issues linked to the parent are all closed, this is the only one still open that is about persistance. Today i have seen this problem. I changed some textures and rescaled some prims and after a server restart they had gone back to their previous state. 99% of the time its works ok, seems to be a intemitant problem, but still there.

Im using linux (ubuntu) with the 0.7.6 release version. Could this have been fixed in dev code maybe?

Thanks :)
tampa (reporter)
2019-02-05 09:01

Is this still a problem on master? Shutdown should properly store all changes, some larger changes may fail due to amount of queries sent, but this is much less an issue these days no?

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