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0001976opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2008-08-17 08:392009-06-04 14:13
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Summary0001976: [REQUEST] - Beautiful coastal regions and a calm sea ... No sailors around?
DescriptionCan't find something related here on mantis or elsewhere in the blogs, so here are my requests:

What to do to implement a wind layer just as in SL or better?

How far are we with the physics to implement vehicles and such?

Would love to sail my shorelines :)

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dahlia (administrator)
2008-08-17 10:21

There have been attempts to address these issues already, a lot of the underlying infrastructure is not in place yet. Wind is sent to the viewer in a format similar to terrain data, but it's compressed in some obscure way that isn't understood yet. There is also currently no simulation to generate the wind. It could hopefully be implemented in a plug-in module and then the results could be sent to the viewer and made available to scripts. My tests have so far only found one viewer effect that is influenced by wind: the direction that flexible prims flex toward. I haven't been able to determine if clouds are influenced by it or not. I've also found that while many viewers observing the same flexible prims will show them flexing in the same direction at the same time, scripted objects testing wind direction in the same place will not always get the same direction vector that the visible prim flexes towards. This could be a bug in SLâ„¢ and I may file a Jira on it if one does not yet exist.

As far as vehicles go, some of us have implemented a lot of the infrastructure but it is far from complete. Vehicle physics are probably the icing on the cake as almost everything else pertaining to physics has to be working first in order to support it. These things are being worked on but it will take time. If you or anyone reading this has knowledge of vehicle physics, feel free to get involved and submit patches! :)
tyre (reporter)
2008-09-25 06:53

issue addressed in r6494, thanks teravus

yay! /me performs a wind dance :D
Fly-Man- (developer)
2008-10-16 10:15

Is this still an issue with the latest revision r6875 ?

If it's not, please close this Mantis so we can clean up the Mantis
tyre (reporter)
2008-10-16 12:01

@Fly-Man: This is not an issue but a feature request!

Part 1 (wind) is implemented now
Part 2 (vehicles) are on the way... as it was told
Tricky (reporter)
2008-11-01 17:14

I read the above about ..
Wind is sent to the viewer in a format similar to terrain data, but it's compressed in some obscure way that isn't understood yet

Wouldnt it be logical to ask Linden Labs how they did this?, as they are also trying to TP from LindenGrid to opensim.

Should this knowlegde not be made available then?.. :)
Starky Rubble (reporter)
2009-06-04 14:06

this mantis should be closed

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