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0001513opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2008-06-09 10:152011-09-25 08:35
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Summary0001513: Parcel name in menu bar not aways being updated correctly
DescriptionI noticed this while running on a 4-region grid. Each region currently consists of one parcel, and each parcel name is unique. When moving from one region to another, at first the region names and parcel names display correctly; but when I go back to a region that I have already visited, the region name changes, but the parcel name remains frozen at what it was for the prior region. The "About land" display shows the correct parcel, just the menu bar shows the wrong info.
Additional InformationAll parcel information becomes invalid when you return to the previous sim.
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Run Mode Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Physics EngineODE
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Environment.NET / Windows32
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mirceakitsune (reporter)
2008-07-13 04:14

Not sure if it's the same thing but I noticed some time ago that if you sit in a parcel and change it's name while in it, the parcel's name doesn't update in the menubar until you exit and re-enter the parcel (though last time I checked I think it updated once you made the first move in the parcel). Is this still happening then?
melanie (administrator)
2008-07-13 06:08

A related observation I made once was that, standing in one parcel and changing another by camming resulted in that parcel's info being displayed in the title bar for the parcel I was standing on. This is quite the opposite bahvior, and one may have been introduced trying to fix the other.
greg0254 (reporter)
2008-07-13 07:57

mircea, yes it is still happening for me, but I probably should go into more detail as to the conditions where I see this happening.

The condition that I am describing happens when you travel between sims that either have only one parcel per sim, OR if you are always visiting the same parcel in each sim every time. Under these conditions, when crossing region boundaries (either by teleporting or by flying/walking), here is what I observe:

(1) whenever I travel to a different region for the FIRST TIME since I have started the server, it changes both the region and parcel names correctly in the title bar.
(3) whenever I go BACK to a parcel in a different region (the parcel I had previously visited in that region since starting the server), the region name changes correctly in the title bar, but the parcel name from the region I came from continues to be displayed.
(4) if I continue in this manner, visiting a certain parcel in each other region (and no other parcels), then whenever I cross a region boundary, it will follow this same pattern. When entering a parcel for the first time, it will show correctly, but after that, it will not.

If I have a sim with multiple parcels, AND if I cross parcel boundaries within the same sim, then this stops the cycle, and after the next region crossing the parcel name will show correctly whether or not I have visited it previously. However, if I then go back to the pattern of visiting one parcel per sim, then the behavior returns.

Sorry if my explanation was confusing, I was trying to be as thorough as I could be. I still don't think this is a major problem, especially at this stage in development, but I wanted to make sure that it is well documented.
mirceakitsune (reporter)
2008-07-13 08:04

Yeah I understood it perfectly. I think what would fix this would be just a parcel name recheck and resend to the client for every time you cross into another sim, as the issue is most likely Opensim not understanding you also enter another parcel once you cross borders with another sim.
Godfrey (reporter)
2008-07-13 08:32

Parcel flags are also affected by this.

For instance, if I start in a no-fly parcel and cross a region boundary where flying is permitted, then move back across the boundary to the no-fly parcel, the "flying prohibited" icon does not reappear in the menu bar, and I can still fly.
melanie (administrator)
2008-07-13 15:51

This is a very good bug report, thank you. It is caused by the function that check for parcel changes keeping a record of the last parcel visited. Even thoughyou are actually changing regions, this is not updated. It would be updated if you moved far enough to close out the child agent. Solution would be to remove the last visited parcel information upon becmong child agent.
norgan (reporter)
2008-07-14 01:28

i agree with this observation on both 5460 and 5411. the plot will stay as the previous regions plot until you enter a subdivided plot then it updates to the correct name upon reentering.
Fly-Man- (developer)
2008-10-16 13:06

Is this still an issue with the latest revision r6875 ?
mirceakitsune (reporter)
2008-10-16 13:09

Sometimes it updates correctly sometimes not as far as I remember. From what I seen it still happens so I'd say keep it open. Not sure if it may be a client thing or OS but I'd rather it's looked at before being closed.
mirceakitsune (reporter)
2008-10-17 06:23

Ok, I tested this again today and I clearly seen it happening in rev 6880. I also believe it's related to a form of lag or packet loss... when I crossed into the region not only that I had the same parcel name displaying from the neighboring sim but my inventory wasn't loading any more either. I think this may be a side effect of a bigger issue...
ralphclintellis (reporter)
2009-04-10 13:41

I observe this too. Running trunk (downloaded ~ 4 April) standalone/mysql/ODE/Linux 8.10 w/ latest linux SL client.
makopoppo (manager)
2011-07-24 04:28

In OpenSim 0.7.2-dev, this issue still exists.
Xandrah (reporter)
2011-08-05 12:56

Has anyone got a fix for this yet? I have noticed streaming media does not update either.
slow putzo (reporter)
2011-09-25 08:35

This problem still exists and will also show up in a landmark taken of this parcel.

Here is an example of the title bar containing the name of an object just created on the region as the parcel name.

"or just build a box, Sanctuary (44, 101, 22)"

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