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0008935: Animesh objects rezzed out of prim inventory arrive with no animations running
If you start an animation in an animesh, take it into your avatar inventory, and rez copies out, the copies arrive with animations running.

But if you put the same animesh in the inventory of a prim and drag it out of there to rez one, it arrives without the animations running. (In SL it arrives with the animations running, I tried that). The problem also happens in OpenSim (no animations running) if you rez the animesh with a script in the rezzer prim. If you take the animesh out of the prim inventory back into your avatar inventory and rez it from there, the animation will be running again.

If you check llGetObjectAnimationNames in the animesh while the animations are not running, it will tell you that the animations are still running. If you try to start the animations again, they will refuse to start again because they are duplicated by ones already claiming to run. However, the workaround to get your animations to play when rezzed out of prim inventory is to stop all animations and start them again in the on_rez event in the animesh. But this is not necessary in SL.

To reproduce, create a new prim, put an animesh object into your new prim inventory, then drag it out of there to rez it. Unless the animesh has some special code in its on_res event, the animesh will arrive with the animations not running.
I have built a simple animesh, animation and script to demonstrate the problem and the workaround. The state_entry event starts the animesh moving, the on_rez event shows that the animation claims it is still running and starting it again does not help when rezzed out of prim inventory, and the touch_start event shows how to work around the problem. (Note, you are not allowed to left-click an animesh, you have to right-click it and select touch on the pie menu).

I will upload the dae, the bvh and the lsl files for this below. Unfortunately loading an animesh DAE requires selecting a few extra parameters and setting the animesh box in the features page of the build dialog. So I'll send Ubit a full perm copy and leave a free copy sitting outside the meeting place on OSGrid Dev Outreach, between the dancing anmesh avatars. My animesh is a spinning turbine.
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Can confirm this is an issue. Have been experimenting with animesh for the past few days and figured out the work around is, as mentioned in Description, to stop the animation and then run it again at some point in the object's rezzed lifetime.
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should be better now with git master code.