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0008842opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2020-12-30 19:032021-01-02 00:37
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
FirestormOS 6x
0008842: Collision Geometry off on Box prim with hollow set and rotated 45 degrees in ubODE Engine
In a ubODE Physics world, a hollow box prim rotated 45 degrees seems to not rotate the collision geometry with it and causes a collision event that is far from the actual face of the prim.
In OpenSim.ini, enable ubODE Physics and ubODEMeshmerizer meshing.
Create a box, make it 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 and hollow. The box can be on another prim or on the ground.

Rotate the box on Z-axis to 45 degrees.

Drop this script in it:

    collision_start(integer num)
        llSay(0,"Collision detected.");

Walk your avatar into sides 3 or 4 and you will see the collision event occurs way before contacting the prim. On the other sides, collision occurs as expected.

Make the prim's hollow = 0 and the collisions occur as expected.

Rotate the prim back to 0 degrees on the z-axis and the collisions occur as expected.

Lower the prim into the ground or the prim it's sitting on and the collisions occur as expected.

This only happens with ubODE physics.

Running mono on FreeBSD 11.4. I build my own ODE physics engine using opensim-libs/trunk/unmanaged/ODE-OpenSim-Current. The only change I make to the source is for ou/src/ou/malloc.cpp to use stdlib.h instead of malloc.h.

I've been running OpenSim / Robust on FreeBSD since version 9.0 without any issues. Current setup is 20 OpenSim servers hosting 500 regions, Robust and Percona SQL. Not sure when this problem started. Path cut cubes made for doors seem to have this issue too.

I tried to duplicate it on Debian 9 but couldn't get OpenSim to finish startup without lots of crashes.
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2020-12-30 19:22   
could not repo on 0.9.2 (osgrid sandbox plaza III)
2020-12-30 19:24   
I cannot reproduce this bug on windows but I discovered another bug.
With the same prim, placing your avatar against the prim will produce a collision over and over again (as if it was collision (intereg n))
Change the hollow to 0 and the collisions occur as expected.
Change the hollow again and the collsion start over and over again.
2020-12-30 19:25   
some movement jitter may cause that
2020-12-30 19:26   
My avatar is not moving, his feet are not moving either.
And when I change the hollow to 0 it stops.
2020-12-30 19:37   
Is 0.9.2 in Release now?
2021-01-01 15:36   
I found the source of my problem - when building opensim-libs/trunk/unmanaged/ODE-OpenSim-Current, I was using the following for ./configure:

./configure --enable-shared --enable-release --disable-demos --without-x --with-trimesh=gimpact

After NOT including triMesh=gimpact and using old-trimesh, the behavior came back to normal:

./configure --enable-shared --enable-release --disable-demos --without-x --enable-old-trimesh

I am not sure why I used trimesh=gimpact, but I started to use it when 0.9.1 came out.

This issue can be closed. Thank you so much for your time!
2021-01-02 00:37   
on our fork of ODE, gimpact is not considered, so may be bad