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0008731opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2020-07-16 03:052020-07-18 12:38
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master (dev code) 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
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Firestorm 6.4.560737
0008731: [Groups v2] Owner Role does not have five recently added abilities ticked, and even owner cannot change this
In OpenSim Groups (v2), the "Owner" role has 5 recent added abilities unchecked (manage ban lines, modify environment settings, allow event hosting on group land and the two experience ones)... two (or three) of which are features now supported in OpenSim.

But these allowed abilities are greyed out and even the group owner when the group is active cannot tick them to add them to the owner ability. The owner role can be COPIED to say "owner2" and then those 5 items are tickable.

Should ALL abilities be turned on for owner role, even new ones as they are added? Could it be that these defaults are not being added to the full owner role allowed abilities when additional abilities are added.

Is there any reason these abilities cannot be changed for owner role when owner is doing that?

Look at any existing group.

See owner role allowed abilities.

Note there are five unticked, and cannot be ticked.
As far as I can tell, all pre-existing groups in Second Life have the owner role allowed abilities fully ticked on for all abilities available, even recently added ones.
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Going to set this to acknowledged because something is not quite right. The abilities are unticked, but seem to be enabled regardless. Further, manually adjusting the perms in the database has no effect, not after reboot of the entire grid and region either as if the perms are cached. This also somewhat relates to the other ticket about the new env stuff not working right with groups, though that seems to affect existing groups worse than newly created ones, but I cannot figure out why.

As this is part of ongoing development, the env stuff is not set in stone, testing is probably in order to verify everything still works.

It also affected unit tests so we lost a layer of defense there.