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0008704opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2020-05-19 15:002020-05-19 16:36
Kayaker Magic 
Intel CPU in Dell T1400 towerUbuntu Yeti
Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Mono / Linux64
0008704: llGetTime() resets to zero on a region crossing
When a script crosses a region border, the llGetTime timer is reset back to 0.0
I tried crossing borders in XEngine and YEngine and saw the same problem.
The SL Wiki says the time will be reset on 1) Script reset, 2) llResetTime and 3) llGetAndResetTime. They don't say anything about region crossings, so I went to SL and verified that the llGetTime IS NOT RESET on region crossings there.
In the process, I learned some other interesting things:
In OpenSim, resetting the script does not reset llGetTime to 0.0, when it should
In OpenSim, rezzing a prim with a running script does reset llGetTime to 0.0 when it should not
I'm not concerned about these last two problems, I can easily work around those but loosing the time on a crossing is a bigger issue.
I put this little script in an object, wore it as an attachment, took it on and off, reset it, re-compiled the script (does reset llGetTime to 0.0), flew back and forth across borders, stuck it in vehicles and drove back and forth across borders. I watched the floating text counting and noted when it started over.
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this should be better on YEngine now
no imediate plans to fix on XEngine