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0008694opensim[GRID] Robust Serverpublic2020-04-28 18:052020-04-30 20:18
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
BasicPhysics, ODE, BulletSim, ubODE, Other
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0008694: mantis request for robust server console patch
core open simulator community,

I wish to contribute recommendations for 3 noticeable bugs in opensim version ( to be patched.

1) viewer glitch
Issue of address: Viewer will not resolve MySQL database in robust in result missing UUID of assets such as default shape missing, color 256 color bit distortion.

2) hypergrid compatibility
Issue of address: whenever on the hypergrid in robust a client of a host can not hypergrid if on the same LAN/WAN line in network topography.

3) replace all second life defaults to opensimulator project URLs to increase user base of incorporating new talent to enhance and expand the opensimulator open source project.

I would like to help the opensimulator project volunteering on my free time on quality analyst.



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The main viewer bug in alpha release Singularity Viewer can be patch by preventing a color hash distoration by setting a predefined metric to always allow robust to recognize the UUID assets of the Ruth Avatar regardless of connectivity between standalone or robust versions. For the other viewers the ability to enable hypergrid from a host lan/wan should be optimized for cross-channel support. For instance the time stamp syntax must calculate the perimeter of reading loopback with creating an exception to work on NPCs from the hypergrid on robust. Open simulator can expand its network base by using direct open simulator links that shows and replaces those of grid status of Second Life’s IP on lindencaps.
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Viewer patches need to be submitted to the viewer projects themselves, we can't help with that.

The hypergrid bug you describe is new to me, normally within NAT each client has their own pipe outward so they should be independent from one another. Not sure what exactly you mean by that then, unless you are running a standalone on the same computer there normally isn't anything preventing hypergrid.

"replace all second life defaults to opensimulator project URLs" Which urls are you talking about here?