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0008603opensim[REGION] Script Functionspublic2019-10-19 12:342019-10-19 13:42
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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
0008603: [FEATURE REQUEST] osGetAvatarProperties
Instead of osGetProfileServerURI we might have osGetAvatarProperties.

Something like this:
list properties = osGetAvatarProperties(userID);

or like this:
list properties = osGetAvatarProperties(userID, [os constant list of desired properties]);
and return something like this:

"Name", "dj phil",
"Born", "03/23/2010, (9 years 6 months; 3497 days)",
"Account", "Resident, No Payment Info On File",
"Parthner", "None",
"Groups", "Digital Concepts, Another Group, Another Group",
"userID", "3d3e42e9-9307-2ac7-11b6-c35c46794fa8",
"WebUrl", "", [^]
"WantToMask", 67,
"SkillsMask", 59,
"Language", "lsl, php, html, css, javascript",
"ImageId", "628835c4-60af-47cd-bb6b-02a86cabbb0c",
"AboutText", "Musique - Informatique - WebDesign - 3D",
"FirstLifeImageId", "c4675d39-514f-4407-b84d-a5a491e6eebb",
"FirstLifeText", "Musique - Informatique - WebDesign - 3D"
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2019-10-19 13:34   
why just not ask user to open the profile? :p
2019-10-19 13:42   
(edited on: 2019-10-19 13:46)
You ask ... Ok I answer then :)

You know that users like panels that display information.
We can see this a lot on SL and OS ...
... and when it's not on a panel, it's a floating text :p

We also like to see things in the virtual world rather than in the browser window.