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0008511opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2019-04-01 03:002020-03-19 13:09
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master (dev code) 
OSGrid release 2019-03-24
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
0008511: Starting a region on a tile already occupied fails but overwrites map thumbnail
I started a region accidentally on a tile already occupied. As expected the OpenSim.exe terminates and does not load the region. But it looks like the (Warp3D) thumbnail of the failed to load region has overridden the correct tile already in place. There may be an ordering issue of what is changed as the region starts up as I see a console log line indicating the Map Tile generation has started and this particular region had little actual content, so it may even have completed. If it will fail due to there already begin an active region on the indicated X,Y location, the expected behaviour would be that changes to the correct region are not made.

The overridden map tile is changed back to the correct one of the original region is restarted.
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yes because believe or not map is sent before login into grid
a absurd that we will need to fix
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Map generation should really not happen during startup, default should be issuing the generate map command right after login enable in my opinion. That way startup does not halt during map generation and it is done after the region is properly started. Heck, really it should take a snapshot of it's input data and spawn another process generating the map completely outside of the simulator scope as to not impact simulator performance at all, but that may be a bit hard to implement.
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"The overridden map tile is changed back to the correct one of the original region is restarted."

You realize you don't have to restart to regen the map, it can be done two ways from the viewer with god tools and from the console with the Generate Map command ...

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Understood. I was just noting the usual setup. The original region owner/admin would likely not know their map tile had been changed. You can see the potential for silliness. So the priority for this issues should probably be highish.

2020-03-19 13:09   
Yet we still don't have a proper resolution for this. Map tiles continue to be problematic in a grid setup and their "blocking" nature during startup(that is if you want pretty ones) can be really frustrating to handle.

I still do not understand why it even needs to run before region ready and in the blocking manner it currently does. It really should just "snapshot" the data it needs, run off into is own thread and report back when it finishes, without bringing the simulator to a grinding halt.