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0008510opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2019-03-31 12:272019-04-01 03:16
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master (dev code) 
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0008510: Group invite to avatar who is not online is not delivered and blocks subsequent invites to that avatar
If an avatar is invited to join a group while the invited avatar is offline, the invitation is not delivered when the avatar logs in.

But the group member invite dialogues show the invite button as greyed out if the same avatar is selected in the avatar chooser, which means another invitation cannot be issued even when the avatar is online.

Expected behaviour (as in Second Life) is that the invitation would be queued and delivered on first login after the invitation was issued, and then the mode changed so subsequent invitations could be sent whatever the avatar did (accept, reject, or nothing... in case they missed or ignored the invitation).

Tested on OSGrid on 2019-03-24 release.
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2019-03-31 12:55   
what groups module ?
2019-03-31 13:09   
Good point. This is on OSGrid @Ubit. Whatever they do or their own standard group.. That may not be our default module. I will test with default group module tomorrow.
2019-03-31 13:12   
Something to keep in mind this is also handled by the offline messaging module, not just groups ...
2019-04-01 03:16   
I did a bit more testing on this issue.

a) Offline IM works on OSGrid. Offline group Invite does not as reported. Tests done on a region using 0.9.1 dev master version as at 2019-03-24 (latest OSGrid region addon release as of today).

b) On my own experimental AiLand grid on latest dev master group invites are delivered correctly.

So it looks like this might be an issue just with the group module mechanism used in OSGrid? I will point Dan Banner at this Mantis.