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0008508: Issues with an attachment-script
Issues with an attachment-script:
The script try to swap an an attachment from left hand to right hand and back on every click on it.
The frist problem is, thts does not work at expected.
The second problem is, that I can't teleport to other region after doing that.
The test-Script is simple, see uploaded file or "Additional Information"
1. Download the script or take it from "Additiomal Information"
2. create an cube to ground.
3. put the test-script in.
4. take the cube to inventory
5. wear it (eg. to left hand)
6. click on the cube (it seems not work correctly)
7. try teleport to other region
8. check logfile of source and destination grid (you will probably see some null-reference exceptions there)
9. try logout
10. try relogin (you probably can't, because there is still an dead session on robust-database)
default {
    state_entry() {

    touch_start(integer n) {
        llOwnerSay("* touch *");

    attach(key id) {
        integer att = llGetAttached();
        if(id == NULL_KEY) {
            llOwnerSay("* detached *");
        else {
            llOwnerSay("* atttached *");

    run_time_permissions(integer permissions) {
        if (PERMISSION_ATTACH & permissions) {
            integer att = llGetAttached();
            if (att == ATTACH_RHAND) {
                llOwnerSay("* swap to left hand *");
            else {
                llOwnerSay("* swap to right hand *");
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sorry, that script does not work.
 llAttachToAvatar assumes the object is not attached.
I made code changes to ensure it is ignored otherwise.
that problems you noticed where possible because it did tried...