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Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Mono / Linux64
0008495: Feature request: Let save iar have an optional newer-than parameter/filter
My inventory surpasses 7GB on disk now when I save an .iar. Saving such big iars places excessive load on both the grid and my region.

It would be nice if we would be able to just save the diff between now and a newer-than=date to allow for incremental .iar's. I'd suggest date to be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

No idea if this is even technically possible so comments welcome
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2019-03-02 01:18   
I think treating iars as quasi-databases would be better, that way a simple update or rerun using the same name would go in and update what's missing and delete what is gone.

This question comes down to how one does backups. Some create a single master backup and only then save increments, to then commit them down onto the master one. Others only save master backups, but more often remove them only keeping certain timespans.

The bigger question I have is why save an iar at a daily basis anyways, is your grid so unstable you fear the data is lost? It's a lot easier to simply backup databases and assets if you worry things will be lost, because database backup solutions and routines are plentiful and well documented.
2019-03-02 02:11   
It's not necesarily backups. It's keeping my inventory on grid B in sync with grid A (my main). The way I do this now is by loading the full 7GB every few months and tossing away 95% of dupes (which is a lot of manual sorting) and I figured this could be much simplified if we had a --newer-than option when saving an .iar. I did learn today that assets are never overwritten so at least it doesn't add another few GB of duplicate assets on every iar load, just the inventory items referencing them. Maybe there is a more effective way of syncing or should just give up on it. Btw I am just a resident on open-to-connect grids no grid owner.
paela argus   
2019-03-02 04:57   
Saving inventories is a problem, it's not new.
this function must be reworked entirely.
It is not normal for a resident to export content through an iar that is not his right.
The regulation in law is however very clear with the DMCA
either the iar must provide a copy of the object in the same permissions and properly transfer the original creator or delete this function which is simply DANGEROUS for real content creators, OpenSim is opensource not necessarily the content that if there is.
In addition, an inventory backup must be used approximately 2 times per year.
Using it for syncronization you only make grids slow is not nice and you also generate assets for nothing.
You have the function of transferring inworld content with the HG used but not the iar to syncronize.