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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
.NET / Windows64
0008488: When importing dae collada put a tick (texture).
When importing dae collada put a tick (texture). There is a dae file and next to the images folder. But when importing textures are not loaded for some reason. Bare wall.
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Most viewers will show textures in the preview when they have been successfully loaded. If the textures do not show then they are not loaded and will not be uploaded either. If you are having issues getting textures to show try a different viewer or verify that the path to the textures is properly defined in your collada structure. Other than that you may want to report an issue with missing textures in the viewer preview window and subsequently OpenSim to the viewer developer. We simply take in what the viewer sends, if it does not provide textures then they won't be uploaded either.

As I have stated in the other ticket, this is a bug-tracker, not a user support forum. All these OpenSim specific caveats and usage limitations can be read up on various OpenSim-related forums and on said forums you can also ask about these things rather than posting them to Mantis, because, again, this a bug-tracker and meant for actual issues and not complaints about usage limitations or badly designed viewers.