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Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
0008450: Viewer crash if TP takes longer than a couple seconds to complete
If a teleport to a different region takes longer than a second or two to complete the viewer crashes shortly after arriving or sometimes in the middle of teleport.

This doesn't seem to happen when connected to OS via LAN but I suspect that is just because most of the time teleports between regions while on LAN is virtually instantaneous. I see this happen mostly on OSGrid where there is a good chance it will take more than a second or two to complete taking into account different regions' various ISP speeds and quality.

I am not sure exactly what is triggering this; I've just noticed that some teleports can take 5 or 10 seconds or sometimes longer before completing and those are the ones that result in a crash after teleport finishes while the more or less instantaneous teleports seem to be fine.

Tested with Firestorm and Singularity on several different computers to similar effect.
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2019-01-14 03:02   
Probably related to that other ticket about teleports being unstable, though OSGrid really is not a good environment for actually determining if there is a bug or not, too many variables.
2019-01-14 03:58   
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There was a big change that may be in this area of the code in EntityTransferModule.cs at [2019-01-03 12:36:36] to alter the way the original source region agent was closed. Altering the thread sleep time from 15,000ms to 2,000ms - though there are indications in the comments that if it needs reopening it will do that. I assume the change may have been so rapid teleports between regions don't leave you in limbo or losing the terrain as used to happen. [^]

I would say I see connection times between regions when Hypergriding about that are much longer than 2 seconds, but perhaps not as long as 15 seconds if its going to be successfully.

2019-01-14 05:57   
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@tampa - Generally I agree with that. Problem is since this seems to be a timing issue it doesn't really show up on LAN grids since teleports are near instant so it is hard to test for this issue on a small personal grid. I saw it happen a lot on OS grid recently due to the fact that some regions are running on slower hardware/internet connection than others. I never used to have this much trouble getting around on OS grid as I have recently; at least not trouble that resulted in an outright viewer crash ;)

@aiaustin - I was thinking about that commit too. There used to be a big nasty warning in the code saying to never decrease it under any circumstance due to the instability it can cause. Why was this changed?

paela argus   
2019-01-14 06:46   
I see this bug in the new version of Osgrid too not in my grid.
Have checked grid and network of grid and the answer, answer like 00.1 isnt a problem of grid but of the version simulator
2020-11-20 21:53   
Fixed by master