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0008413opensim[GRID] Robust Serverpublic2018-11-27 11:122018-11-27 13:13
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0008413: The Robust.HG.ini.example file has some typos in it
The Robust.HG.ini.example file has some typos in it
UserAccountsService is sometimes spelled UserAccountService. Which is the right way?
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2018-11-27 11:58   
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Two instances in Robust.HG.ini.example
    [HGInventoryService] and [HGAssetService]

Its always UserAccountService for the service itself but there are both UserAccountService and UserAccountsService for the left side of the assignment in different sections. If they actually differ in the HG related code would this be sensible to make them the same... even though that would mean people have to change config files and potentially introduce problems if they fail to do so.

2018-11-27 12:58   
Simple answer is they are both the right way , depending on where they are used ..
2018-11-27 13:13   
(edited on: 2018-11-27 13:14)
Okay Bill.. so plural is intended and correct in the two HG related variables.