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0008362opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2018-09-01 15:402019-10-25 14:44
Mandarinka Tasty 
Mandarinka Tasty 
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0008362: Correct work of estate debug options: DisableCollisions and DisablePhysics. Adding possibility to set them from ini files.
1. I have designed boolean CollisionsEnabled, that is necessary to make estate debug option: DisableCollisions properly work from the viewer estate menu.

2. I have set option: DisablePhysics to correctly work after shutdown and start region.

3. I have added possibility to set: DisableCollisions, DisablePhysics and DisableScripts from ini files. That is so called: safe mode of region start and it is part of work to implement: region restart safe due to last SL server version.

If it comes to DisableCollisions, it has been set accordingly to SL style:

DisableCollisions = disable detection of collisions events by scripts.

example of school script:

    collision_start(integer num)
        llOwnerSay("Collision has been detected.");

    land_collision_start( vector pos )
       llOwnerSay("Land collision at: "+(string) pos.x + ","+(string) pos.y+","+(string)pos.z);

Certainly, the mine concept of DisableCollisions here, can be discussed.
Since, we do not need to set it analogously as it exists in SL.
Anyway, giving possibility to start region with those options set from ini files always helps in situations, when region's performance has been put on knees and we should start it and clean it in safe mode.

All feedbacks are welcomed.

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2018-09-02 05:07   
Oops.. no, no.. sorry
Thanks anyways.
We may talk the reasons inworld, as usual
Mandarinka Tasty   
2019-10-25 14:44   
I've removed the patch of mine.