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0008351opensim[REGION] Specific OpenSim Modulepublic2018-08-05 20:302018-08-12 19:50
OpenSim SeverFreeBSD11.2 
Grid (Multiple Regions per Sim)
Mono / Linux64
Firestorm (latest)
0008351: TreePopulatorModule.cs No longer Reseeds and grows new trees
I have been using the Tree module in OpenSim since and since 0.9.0.x it seems that trees do not respawn after reaching maturity. Instead of killing off mature trees and spawning new trees, the module grows trees to maturity and quits. With OpenSim, the Tree module could run forever, constantly growing new trees and keeping within tree_quantity - eventually spreading trees around all over a sim. This doesn't happen with 0.9.0.x.

Sample xml file:

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2018-08-06 18:44   
I was able to drop the TreePopulatorModule.cs from version into version and recompile and the Trees properly grew, seeded and were killed off.

There are big differences in the source with growtrees(), seedtrees() and killtrees() in the 0.9.0.x source that are causing this issue.
2018-08-07 11:22   
I do believe the format of the xml changed abit, there was a previous mantis on this, and I know it was tested and worked in .9
2018-08-09 18:59   
Is there a # for the mantis on that? I searched and couldn't find anything.
2018-08-12 19:50   
I suggest the fix for this is to revert to the 0.8.2.x version. It works and has no problems when compiled with the 0.9.0.x source