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0008345opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2018-07-26 15:002018-10-20 16:07
Mandarinka Tasty 
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0008345: [PATCH] Implementation and design of ClientOnParcelGodMark.
I've included the patch in refer to ClientOnParcelGodMark function.

After enabling god mode and selecting the parcel, administrator should scroll section: Admin -> Parcel -> Set to Linden Content ( Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C).

Parcel must be selected, that is necessary due to viewer code. It's enough to display About Land window floater, while being on the parcel.

Function works in a following way:

a) if DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID set to non-zero UUID and
      DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID set to non-zero UUID, then:

Parcel is owned by DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID and is set to:

b) if DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID set to non-zero UUID and
      DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID set to Zero.UUID, then:

Parcel is owned by DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID and is not set to any group

c) if DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID set to Zero.UUID and
      DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID set to non-zero UUID, then:

Parcel is owned by DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID and is deeded to that group.

At least one of those keys, mentioned above, should be non-zero key, otherwise, the function silently fails.

That feature is often used in SL on parcels located on mainland.

In OpenSim, it can be used by grid administrators to let them set parcels to default parcel content owned by administrator.

Thanks in advance for all creative feedbacks.
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patch 0001-Implementation-and-design-of-ClientOnParcelGodMark.patch (7,733) 2018-08-03 22:40
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2018-07-27 06:08   
The implementation in SL sets the parcel owner to the Governor and the group to Maintenance.
2018-07-27 07:11   
I was confused by this, as how would it know what is the "defaults", maybe the region owner , but not sure how it would know the default group.
Mandarinka Tasty   
2018-07-27 07:33   
@ Fly, Yes, I perfectly know that in sl, there is account called: Governor Linden and the group called Maintenance.

But I have deliberately set those default names different, since it is hard to imagine that OpenSim's administrators and admin groups are also called:
Governor Linden and Maintenance. Hence every simulator's operator can set any keys , he/she wants to set as
DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID and DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID

@ Watcher, The purpose of that is not resetting region's parcel to be owned by Region Owner, since we have such tool = Abandon Parcel.

The function ClientOnParcelGodMark allows grid administrators to set any parcel in their grid to admin content: admin_owner and/or admin_group, regardless of region owner.

I would say, it has higher priority, than usual abandoning the parcel.

In SL, it is used in majority of cases, on the mainland, but also in estates like test sandboxes, i remind casus of Oscar Linden, when he needed to leave LL and all sandboxes have been set to Governor Linden and Maintenance group,
there was applied such function ClientOnParcelGodMark to quickly change ownership.

In big grids, not every admin has access to database to set new values in manual way, then such function ClientOnParcelGodMark allows for quick reaction.
2018-07-27 07:38   
I understood that, I missed the last part of the patch where you set those things in the ini, so I was confused. Understand now ...
Mandarinka Tasty   
2018-08-03 22:42   
I've added verification, whether appropriate DefaultAdministratorOwnerUUID and DefaultAdministratorGroupUUID belong the grid.
2018-09-29 21:14   
on master with a few changes