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0008265opensim[REGION] Physics Enginespublic2017-11-11 18:372017-11-13 12:28
Danger Lytton 
OSgrid OpenSimulator - [zip] [35.0mb] 11-08-2017
Grid (1 Region per Sim)
Mono / Linux64
0008265: right and left arrow keys fail to function
When crossing a region boundary on a vehicle and then dismounting from the vehicle the keyboard arrow keys will not turn the avatar. The forward and back arrow keys continue to function. The avatar can be turned by going into mouse look and pointing in a different direction. When returning to normal view the problem persists.

The issue is only corrected after a relog.

The regions are ubode using the latest update. They are run on a Linux Ubuntu 14.01 server. The issue first appeared with version released on 11-08-2017 and persists with the subsequent update OSgrid OpenSimulator - [zip] [35.0mb] 11-08-2017
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did a few changes (and said it on mantis 8253, since related base issue)