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0008261opensim[REGION] OpenSim Corepublic2017-11-05 14:462019-02-06 11:28
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0008261: Allow changing map tile colors
Both the Textured and Shaded map tile engines have hardcoded values for colors. Water is always #1D475F, which seems to be identical to the empty area on the minimap for some viewers. Textured map has other colors which are hardcoded, and while there is less of a motivation for site owners to change them, I assume it would be best to err on the side of configurability.
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png opensim-tiles.png (335,128) 2017-11-05 14:46
patch 0001-Changing-map-tile-colors.patch (8,627) 2017-11-05 14:46
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This patch allows configuring all of the hardcoded color values in the legacy map tile renderer. This does not allow altering the land colors of shaded, because the color is generated dynamically.
2017-11-13 12:51   
Thanks. On master now
2018-07-08 06:10   
patch applied
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Marked as Resolved but never closed, can be reopened if needed.